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    Mairi...I really liked this site. It's sad and scary that people have to feel this way, but they can get it out here. Unfortunately I can relate to some of those secrets.
  2. short and simple I like this. I need to let some other people read it. ::
  3. I loved INXS. I still love thier old albums. This new show is Tacky, Tacky, Tacky. For the band members, and for the "new choice". It will ultimately be thier total demise in my opinion.
  4. Oh Sammy you are right!!! Country Honk was the original(and the better) version. But i'll never knock they extremely overplayed Honky Tonk Women. I believe that was one of the first songs that drew me to the Stones.
  5. Kevin.....shhhhh! Sammy knows best...for real. But I reiterate, the London Sessions really gives you an idea from where they come musically, especially with Brian Jones.
  6. That would be me...but I sort of got dragged in unwillingly. Thing is I really enjoy watching thier games. ::
  7. I gave each of my sons a copy of the lyrics to Simple Man(Lynard Skynard) with my own message attached when they graduated. Course that's for a mother to a son.
  8. It's gonna get really fun now Ron!! No sarcasm there... I hope you're ready, but you've got the right idea. My kids know more about a lot of classic rock bands/songs than some people my age
  9. carolelfc@excite.com Diggs should get the lfc part!!
  10. Sammy Rules!!! Sammy, you do much better thinking off the top of your head than I. And he's right...Stones Radio is great for hearing lesser known stuff.
  11. All the above are great suggestions. Sticky Fingers, Some Girls, Goats Head Soup, and the rest all great albums. Try The London Years a bunch of thier singles from the early years for some bluesy stuff, like Little Red Rooster I'm partial to Stray Cat Blues, and The Girl With The Faraway Eyes, and Dead Flowers for particular songs, just cause they are different. Their most recent 3 Dvd set is great, cause you get to see them in various venues. Blinded By Rainbows, Stupid Girl, Poison Ivy....all songs from good memories. Hot Rocks and More Hot Rocks are good places to start also. Peaches, join Sammy, edna, and me as the great Stones fans!!! ::
  12. Laurie, That's the story that she put out in her book. She was the one that put out the sex story between the 2 guys too. That may or may not be true, if you've ever seen her. I tend to believe Sammys version.
  13. oh god....again? Jagger of course! jr...the worst show ever?
  14. Darn-Tootin it was/is HOT! Besides the "cool" music, it was only 95 degrees!! UMB is an outdoor pavillion. And you know what? Mellencamp was shorter than me! But a very nice man, as was Fogerty. He seemed kinda pleased that I still had the Cosmos Factory album. Know how I won the backstage passes? I had to answer the question.."What was Creedances original(and only i think)record label? Not too easy a question unless you had an original album. Fantasy Records was printed right smack in the middle top, on most of them anyhoo. I remembered this from 68!!! No google, and I was the second caller. Maybe I'm not losing my memory in my old age!!
  15. I saw the concert tues. june 28. Fantastic. They had some unknown opening for 20 minutes, then Fogerty for his set, then a together set, then Mellencamp. Fogerty and Mellencamp did 3 songs together but all I can remember is Fortunate Son, and Travelin Band. They didn't do Jack and Diane together. Fogerty did Rock and Roll Girl and told all the guys to sit down, he wanted to see how many rock and roll Girls there were. Did I mention I won the backstage meet and greet tickets? I got my Cosmos Factory (original)album autographed by Fogerty, and got my cowboy hat signed by Mellencamp, plus a picture with him. I'll post it as soon as I am able. I have to say it was extremely COOL!!! CeeCee (alias Windy) And I am so glad we are back on!!!
  16. Oops I guess I was wrong. Dam* there were a lot of artists on that song. I knew that, but never really payed a lot of attention to who!! Thank you dear.
  17. Bluesy, I knew you would be the one to know. I haven't listened to the Layla album in years, or I would have gotten the song. Thanks for the link too cause it reminded me of what the dj had been saying. Eric Clapton was apparently extremely impressed with Bonnie and Delaney and thier band, and Dwayne Allman, and Whitlock (the one I couldn't remember). They would hang out together and jam and party. Clapton was so impressed with Allman, that was one of the main reasons he formed Derek and the Dominoes, and asked Allman to join them. I don't think he played on Layla though. Thanks Bluesy!!!
  18. My local radio station has been a really cool set of tunes this weekend. They just played one a rarely heard recording made by Bonnie And Delaney, Eric Clapton, Dwayne Allman, and others I can't remember. I missed half of what the DJ was saying about it, and the artists connection. I haven't thought of Bonnie and Delaney for years. I know I could call the radio station... but this is more fun. Anyone know what recording this might be and the story behind it? It was an excellent song.
  19. "Every picture tells a story don't it?" ~ Every Picture Tells A Story ~ Rod Stewart Same with songs I think.
  20. I try not to generalize any genre. If it's good, Ilike it no matter which genre it may be. I don't care what they want to call it.
  21. Sammy... my birthday is Sept 29, think your brother would give up his ticket? Actually I got tickets for Chicago/Soldier Field on Sept 10, that's my birthday present to me!! I've also heard that mid-winter they may do another round of US dates, and my city just might be on the list!! Lordy I have spent some money on this though! STONES RULE!!
  22. there truly is good country music. Much of rock has that 'country" feel. You just need to be steered in the right direction. The current pop-country craze isn't the real thing.
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