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  1. They made a big deal about the noise at Minutemaid Park. It's supposed to be the noisiest park anywhere, bar none. Prior to the homer, it was deafening. They say after it, you could hear a pin drop. I adore watching Albert and Eckstein play. They play like kids, they enjoy the game, or rather it still is a game to them. As a playmaker, Eckstien has been almost as important as Albert. The kid knows how to get on base! Albert always looks completely at ease, but pleased and happy with himself. I liked watching the (old)President and Mrs. Bush. When they thought things were wrapped up she was standing with her camera snapping at everything. Sorry Mrs B!
  2. No Sammy Albert just learned them there southern boys up!!! That's what a real man's homerun looks like. Not those little bloops into the Crawford boxes that Houston has. All thier homeruns were there. We just showed them what a real homer looks like! Do you know what's kind of cool? Scott Beurhle of the Sox is from my area. He played football and baseball for an opposing shcool in our district at the same time my son was. I've probably seen him pitch. I've got to root for him.
  3. I think Bluesy is there too. Other than Elvy and I, I don't think there are any midwesterners. Scott maybe? And Jane is I guess. We actually rock more than one would expect!
  4. Ron Jon you do rock!! How very cool. As far as the Doobies go, I loved the pre-McDonald band. I saw them in concert twice, had the first 2 albums. When McDonald joined, they were just different. I didn't care for him, and he's a St Louis boy!! I'm generally very loyal to the hometown boys (and girls).
  5. E-L-V-I-S-H!!! ELVISH!! com'n Elvy, I want you to win tonight! And you are so right....if the Cardinals win, I really don't care what happens in football tonight. They will, you will, and I will. Meet you back here later!
  6. .I'm always scared with new albums that are supposed to be "all new", "better than ever" etc. I heard the album entirely last week. It really is, I liked it, and you did a great review!!! Way to go.
  7. edna, that is excellent!! Talking Stones? Sticky Fingers is number one for me too.
  8. Marc, Elvy and I may come looking for you! I would like to see Chicago win. Cards vs White Sox, now that has a nice ring to it! I have flipped between 3 football games and 2 baseball games today. Strange behaviour for me!
  9. Every one I have talked to in pharmacy says that in some cases that is the best or only option. Helps with nausea, increases appetite, helps with pain (marinol is prescribed for pain now), and can decrease pressure in the eye. I'm pretty sure these are all documented. Every pharmacist I know, where this conversation has come up, says they would definately "obtain marijuana" for a loved one.
  10. Amy - Amy What You Gonna Do? I think I could live with you. Pure Prarie League Barbara Ann and Help Me Rhonda - The Beach boys
  11. LOL didn't we discuss this the other night too? I can tell you what a bottle costs... 2.98.
  12. Absolutely. We aren't bringing Elvy's Lear just for you to go to work Sunday.
  13. Laurie, didn't we just discuss this the other night?? You can use a large screw. I've done that too. Course that was when I had such things around the house! Done the push it through thing plenty too!
  14. Carol...."Oh Carol, Don't let her steal your heart away. I'm gonna learn to dance if it takes me all night and day. Chuck Berry The Rolling Stones Gloria.... G-l-o-r-i-a, Gloria. Doors and ??
  15. Thank you Ronjon. After all that.... Build Me Up Buttercup....My favorite song when I was 12. I never thought of the year, but I knew I was 12!! I love hearing it today.
  16. Jane I think the evolution process is messed up. In my previous incarnation I was a yellowfin, with lots of posts (maybe 2500 +). I left, and came back as the "new" me, and have been stuck at lobster for a long, long time it seems, but I could be wrong! I don't want to be a lobster, didn't care for the crusty old thing the first time around, I want to be a fish again!!!
  17. I don't know about the riot, Joe. Sounds like us bad girls are having a party! Please don't call the Matron...that's the thought that scares me!
  18. Eyegore has cut his entire team almost....he's out for blood, and isn't cutting any slack!
  19. I was 12 in 1968...just old enough to wish I were old enough!! To do so many things I saw around me, the things Joe mentioned above! In the 70's we had fun, I loved it, and wouldn't trade it for the world. I've always kind of felt badly for the ones that came after,(my kids could only imagine what my life was) cause we had a ball!!
  20. Italian is a latin based language. I actually kind of like this, Kevin.
  21. My pharmacist (read boss) edited this article and printed it for me. He's 35, not a Stones fan at all and gets real pleasure out of teasing me about my love for them and the concert I went to. He constantly teased me about thier wheelchairs, walkers, and the drugs used to keep them upright! Sort of a mission for him. I read this with apparently eye's that got bigger and bigger with disbelief, but shoot it was right on the msn homepage! It was funny though, coming from my boss, it's nice to have one with a sense of humor! Here's his edited version: Rolling Stones Concert in Virginia interrupted by apparent bomb scare CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) - A Rolling Stones' concert at the University of Virginia was interrupted Thursday night while several police officers and three bomb-sniffing dogs searched the stage. Reports say that Mick Jagger's wheelchair was singled out by scent dogs for containing an unreleased illegal substance. Authorities say charges may be forthcoming. They also said his wheelchair and other related medical eqipment was being confiscated to be tested for drug residue. The show resumed after about a half-hour intermission. University, state and city police did not immediately return phone calls about the incident and no announcement was made to the audience about the reason for the break. About eight songs into the show, lead singer Mick Jagger announced authorities had told them to take a break. The stage at the university's 61,000-seat Scott Stadium and about the first 20 rows of spectators were cleared until police finished their work. The Rolling Stones are touring North America to promote their latest album, A Bigger Bang. ( Irony ?) --------------------------------------------- I looked up to see the entire pharmacy behind thier windows staring out laughing at me! Other than the fact that I had just seen him ripping around the stage, I was thinking this can't be right?!
  22. LOL Laurie, I"m not even going to say it!! Party in the slammer!
  23. That's one party I'm crashing Laurie, want to come with me?? You know what song I heard this afternoon? An oldie that gets me every time. 96 Tears by the Mysterians. When the organ starts up the volume goes up!!
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