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  1. Batman, I'll give them a try. In my experience, you've got pretty good taste, and you reccommend them. If they are out of the mainstream, I will enjoy listening at least once. How do you feel about Morphine? Not the same as we've mentioned but out of the ordinary. I really like them. I had a couple cds (we know where they went). Give me an opinion, or I may have to do a terrible review!
  2. I maxed my credit card going to Chicago. Rio would be great though. Us ladies need only bring trunks too??!
  3. This is one of my favorite songs, you're right it's beuatiful. I have only an opinion to offer. I always felt that Mr Fantasy was there to please the audience, the fans, make us feel good, no matter whether he was crying inside or not. That his personal stuff didn't matter, just make us feel good. That's just an opinion, and a pretty selfish thought actually!
  4. That's nice boys...now we wont have to separate you.
  5. Jinx. I don't have to type anything else!!
  6. Thanks angel! I like the song even more now!!
  7. You're a good man Sammy. Sometimes saying nothing says it all!!
  8. Oh yeah, you know Sammy would be right on that one!!! I can see you on the trombone. Excellent!!
  9. Oh lord angel, my mind went right to the gutter! Weren't you on the tamboutine, or was that Amy? Check the link I put in the concert forum. Good reunion venue?!
  10. Lucky

    Wildwood Lodge

    Check out this lodge, buried in the hills near my home. If this isn't the ideal destination for a bunch of songfactors, I don't know what is. See the concert list at the bottom, and check out the living room concerts. You just get to sit around and listen to your favorite musicians, and talk and hang out. Maybe a good reunion spot??!! Look at the bands and concert dates...we just missed them, but a couple good possibilities are still there! Link If this isn't the coolest place!! I've never been to one of the concerts, but I have been there on a sunday drive, just looking around. Read Radio Richs review. This is what we all need to do!!
  11. Allright...Lets go... Boys and girls? We need musicians... :guitar:
  12. I think the Songfactors Rock and Roll Revue should be ressurected for this reunion. Note the name change, as we've had some members of the band depart, and possible new members appear!! A one time only appearance. It would be great! As one of the founders of the Songfactorettes I think we're ready to dance!
  13. Angel baby is so pretty and sweet looking. Who'm I kidding? Definately got that innocent hottie thing going girl!!
  14. LMAO! Sammy I brought you my special recipe brownies!!! I'll share mine if you'll share yours!
  15. How fun!! Like Sue, I need time for this one!! I don't know about diving (too many cigarettes), but Ken, I know how to spend time on a boat!! As long as there's a platform for sunning, we're good to go, I can even drive!!
  16. Batman, I don't ncessarily like weird. I like what I like. But I'll try anything recommended to me. I've learned over the years, not to turn my nose up at anything. I like obscure out of the mainstream stuff. In regards to Zappa, and Beefheart, it took someone to actually sit me down, tell me to close my eyes and just listen. I discovered that both Zappa and Don Van Vliet are actually poets, and the music is there to provide or further the imagry. One of my favorite lines: "Fasten bulbous, the Mascara Snake said." That's Beefheart. Figure that one out!
  17. EagleEye I'm a fan of Zappa. I have been for many years. As Batman points out, I've been around the block a time or two, and this is by far not the weirdest music I've heard. I actually just saw the thread. I too prefer the studio stuff, and have to be in the right mood to listen. If you're such a big fan of Zappa, How about Captain Beefheart? I'm a big fan of Don Van Vliet,there aren't a lot of takers on him either, but there are a few. They are both take or leave type bands that's all. Take it easy sweetpea.
  18. Batman, you should really hear St Louis radio. I'm not going to go into it all again, I have too often before, but we've got some really good stuff!
  19. I have to agree with the above gentlemen(?) I enjoy a knowledgeable DJ, one that can tell me bits of info that I didn't know. In my area, the DJs have evolved with the music. As the music gets older, and moves over to classic, so do the DJs. I've been listening to the same DJs basically for 25+ years and I love them!!
  20. Exactly!! Is it 3 or 4 part harmony? Really tough to do alone.
  21. Isn't that really the only sport right now? Elvy even made me a Cardinal Fishie just for the support! I know Elvy and I had a terrible time last night flipping between the cards and the rams. I even missed Bulger getting hurt!
  22. All good songs, But Black Water Has to be my favorite too. I love turning that up in the car, and trying to sing all the parts PLus it's a favorite around the area I live in.
  23. Albums were just so much better, to me anyway, and that may be just a nostalgia thing who knows? CDs just are not the same. Albums were very personal things. I think this discussion will be divided by age. Most youngers raised without albums will fail to see the draw of albums, and thier cover art, liners, promos, etc. 'Cept Katie of course!!
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