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  1. Radhi, you stumbled cause you don't have enough light in that basement. We're glad you landed. Hey you're like a pilgrim!!
  2. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! I'm a knucklehead. The first year ever I could've slept in, no worries about getting the turkey in or getting the pies made....I'm up a 6:00. Am I crazy? The only plannning food wise I have to do is when should I have my lasagna? How's that for a non-traditional Thanksgiving? Sounded good to me. I am thankful for so many things this year. Last year I was sick, in body and probably mind. Believe me when I say, it's a whole new year, and can only keep getting better. I hope you all feel the same about something in your lives, and remember that something today!! Have a piece of pie for me.
  3. If for whatever reason (hopefully a new baby) I don't see y'all tomorrow, Please have a happy happy day. Enjoy your families, even the the ones you don't like. You can at least make fun of them behind their backs. Be grateful, cause there's always something to be grateful for, even when it doesn't seem so. I, for one will be grateful for this little family right here, if nothing else. This will be my first holiday ever alone. Wish me luck!! Ps....I'll keep you posted on baby news. Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. ^^^ here I thought he was such a nice guy!!
  5. I happened to get my hands on an unreleased cd.... Unbelievable the talent they have hidden in those habits! Their last concert was SRO!
  6. Peachy I got the same thing.....Of course I work for the Sisters of Mercy. That might have something to do with it. Somehow their sense of humor and mine just aren't the same....
  7. Me too Amy! Batman, you are too clever for your own good.
  8. I have (oops, had the boxed set Paul Simon: The years 1972 - 2000. Including live stuff, Graceland stuff, plus the Garfunkel stuff. It's one of my favorites, but like jr says, you don't listen to all at once. You would go crazy!
  9. Music was always around the house when my kids were growing up. I can remember my youngest running around singing Willie the Wimp cause that's what we called him. He was probably 4. All have an abiding love for classic rock, I can honestly say. Two are serious country fans(I like country), one's into techno, which is ok, I guess(cringing just a little) and one's into rock and blues, like me. That's one area I don't think they were neglected in!!
  10. Sammy darlin' you rock!! The sex just oozes from that picture doesn't it? I love it.
  11. oh my. From the original post through all the responses, I have nothing to add. You all know how I feel, thank you for expressing it for me!!! Honey, does everything have to be meaningful? Can't you just have fun? That's what the Stones do. If you saw them live, so would you.
  12. Jane I've been to that place. Memories. This is really well written. You're good!
  13. I know you guys are talking football but.... Chris Carpenter got the Cy Young and Albert got MVP. We may have lost out but.... Go Cards!
  14. I might've stepped on Elvy's back to do it but look at me guys! I do feel badly though. And gee, how does it feel to have a girl on top guys? If I can just get Kevin out of the way. I've gotten really lucky, but I was bruised and battered there for a couple 3 weeks.
  15. Ah....Little Feat fans! Where have you been? I've mentioned Little Feat a few times without much response. I wondered if they had a more regional type fan base. They've always been a big deal around me. One of our radio stations used to do Feats at Five every day. Dixie Chicken was a sort of theme song for some of my friends and I many years ago. Feats Don't Fail Me Now!!
  16. Kevin sweetie...now you know me. I would never want to embarras you, or anyone else. Who cares if you think you can or can't dance? Who cares if you truly can't? It's the getting out there and forgetting everyone else, and having fun. Just let me get hold of you....you'd love it, believe it or not. And you'd actually be dancing!
  17. I wish you guys could see me. I'm 49 years old. I dance. I dance at bars, Karaoke,(no singing) concerts, the grocery store, elevators. everything. I can't hear music without moving. Maybe just a litte, but still.. If I'm somewhere that there is supposed to be dancing, but no one is, leave it to me. I'll grab a man or woman I know(I'm not that particular about who I dance with)that I nkow, that knows how I am. I'll have someone dancing, and I will manage to dance most of the night. It's my freedom, and I don't give a rats *ss what anyone else thinks. Course it helps that I can actually dance!
  18. I didn't know Los Lonely Boys until I saw them with the Stones. They are great. A sort of latin-blues thing going on. Very good.
  19. I agree it does seem rude. My profile is stuck on private. I never set it like that, and it didn't used to be. I just discovered it one day. Carl can't figure that one out. It's no big deal, but weird.
  20. Jane I couldn't be more touched. Your letter brings back the feelings I had (and still have) when I lost my mom, 5 years ago, and makes me mourn for something I never had with my dad. You're very blessed even though it's hard to imagine that. You have wonderful memories,and feelings to carry with you always.
  21. I get my boys back this week jr. Although what you say is mostly true.... Don't be too sure of yourself!
  22. I was thinking it would've been great to have been one of the few really great old time women blues singers. To be able to put your feelings out there like that. Those women lived . Then I thought a little more. Some of that living wasn't so hot. But the singing....man, to be able to do that.
  23. Right out there on the proverbial limb with that one Ron. Fancy fish, or plain old catch em on a pole and fry em up fish?
  24. Isn't the entire state of Michigan like that, or maybe Wisconsin?
  25. I went to this thread thinking oh, a bunch of polls. Simple right? No. Just one.
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