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  1. First of All JR, YOU ARE AN IDIOT! If you don't get what I mean by Jimi Hendrix being the first good guitar player, than you should be added to the list of Mentally retarded moron club! You don't think I like metal because I hate Metalica! What an IDIOT! Metalica has horrible lyrics, there all about demons and hell and crap. The singer is so gay! Jimi Hendrix wasn't that good, Steve Vai could so write better music, and he does. Compared to the guitarist today he is terrible!

    If it weren't for Hendrix there would be no Vai
    Are you mentally retarded? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Hendrix didn't start rock/metal you idiot!
    I also highly doubt that Vai Could play Machine Gun or write as good music as Hendrix did.

    Do you even know who Steve Vai is? Let me tell you. HE IS THE FREAKIN GREATEST GUITAR PLAYER EVER! He has written better than Hendrix. YOU DON'T THINK VAI COULD PLAY MACHINE GUN. MAYBE YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THE REAPER, OR FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, BY STEVE VAI. You'll have to listen to the whole song, because some parts he does slower, then he goes insane. If you want a really really nice sounding song, listen to: Die to Live. For the love of God is a very sweet song too. You guys should just keep your mouths shut!

  2. Kirk Hammett? I don't care how good he is, Metalica is the single most GAY band on the planet, well it's close. And Jimi Hendrix is way overrated! Steve Vai could play exactly what he played except faster, and Steve Vai could play stuff that Hendrix couldn't! Jimi Hendrix is only considered the best because he is the first good guitar player. It isn't Steve Vai's fault that he wasn't born earlier. There are other too that could match and beat Hendrix, but Steve Vai is my favorite. He definately passed Joe Satriani. (Joe Satriani apparentely taught Steve Vai?) Steve Vai on guitar :guitar: is like Neil Peart on drums :drummer:

  3. Sorry, I did not mean to put Led Zepplin, I ment to put Jeff Beck, I had Page going through my head :doh:, although Jimmy Page's band's name now is The Firm. Also, seeing as I am anti-Limp Bizkit :thumbsdown:, I know Wes Borland is a good guitar player, dumb :thumbsdown:, but good and anyway, I had thought of his name first and decided that it was to much to change it then so I left it. Now I probably would have put Wes Borland and Jimmy Page on each others spot :stars:. Thank you for telling me.

  4. I think the top twenty five best guitar players are: (+ means gone, and * means one of my fav's)

    1. Steve Vai *

    2. Jimi Hendrix +

    3. Randy Rhodes +

    4. Zakk Wilde

    5. Dimebag Darell +

    6. Mark Tremonti *

    7. Dan Donegan

    8. Daron Malakian

    9. Led Zepplin

    10. Brad Delson

    11. Wes Borland (although he is very weird and gay)

    12. Jeff Beck

    13. Stevie Ray Vaughn +

    14. Joe Satriani

    15. Eric Clampton

    16. Slash

    17. Jimmy Page

    18. Ritchie Blackmore

    19. Tom Morello

    20. Steve Morse

    21. Tony Iommi

    22. Allen Collins +

    23. John Petrucci

    24. Eddie Van Halen

    25. Eric Johnson

    A good site to see 200 guitar players is: www.digitaldreamdoor.com / http://www.digitaldreamdoor.com/pages/best_newguitar.html

    Thank You

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