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  1. That was great, I would love to see more of your stuff.
  2. The movie had to be revised many times before it could go out to the general public, I heard that it was better before it was revised...but I thought it was horrible. Except for the fat hell clown...
  3. The Hives are ridiculous, I'm not trying to offend anyone. But they are getting way too much public attention for having no musical talent. They sound like every other new punk band...
  4. Below you'll find their track listing for Legend: 1. Is Your Love Enough - Bryan Ferry 2. Opening 3. Cottage 4. Unicorn Theme 5. Goblins 6. Fairies 7 8. Blue Room 9. The Dance 10. Darkness 11. The Kitchen/Unicorn Theme (Reprise)
  5. There are lyrics in this song, I believe that the chorus goes something like this, "Loved by the sun"....I might be wrong.
  6. I love Our Lady peace. I also agree with you, they never really got that big, they'v only had a few singles released. :guitar:
  7. What song by Tangerine Dream is featured in the movie Legend and the very end?
  8. The flaming lips,Yonder mountain string band,Gov't mule, And most grunge. Music society is overrun by hip hop culture. Something needs to be done.
  9. Im still confused about Blind Melons song "No Rain" being in a pepsi commercial....
  10. I want the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme song as a cell phone ring, does anyone know how to hook that up, or find it or anything???
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