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  1. I wrote this a few years ago, I was going through old poems and I thought I would share...it's nothing to be proud of, but here it is. (If you can find any meaning in it, share).

    I now know

    It was your breath

    Warming my body, as real as my own.

    It was you,

    That held my stones

    The weight of my hope,

    Watching me crumble.

    Fading into you

    With that look of contentment

    Smiling because you can,

    Fulfilling hunger,

    Never backtracking to see

    That you left behind everything I'd need.

    We would both smile like it was Sunday morning,


    Inside my mind

    I could find you, eating and smirking,

    Crying in the corner

    Tears of blood, shed from the beauty you thought you felt,

    Sopping up every last drop of my flesh

    Carrying on as if you knew me.

    Sleeping to dream

    Your life existed with your clammy palms,

    Sugar sweet.

    I once felt your soul,

    We shattered porcelain like a wonderful prayer,

    Gone sour.

    Tainted, we would smile

    Carrying on, like vomiting after every meal and crying,

    molding our veins to one.

  2. First of all, If you're going to criticize something learn about the topic, or at least learn how to spell it correctly. Nirvana was on of the most influential bands of all time, especially to most of the new music you hear today. So how can you knock something like that. As a matter of fact Nirvana had a song released not too long ago called "You know you're right",It wasn't the greatest song but it was something new. In my opinion Nirvana was also one of the best bands ever. When I came apon this discussion I thought a lot of people were going to defend Nirvana, yet to my dismay it was a complete mockery. I'm not in the greatest mood right now, so If I'm coming off strong, my apologies.

  3. Wow, go easy on your self, pollute the air? At least you have to creativity to think of something original to write. Keep working and the more you work the more you will appreciate the talent you have In front of you. I'v been writing since I was like 9 years old, I look back at it all and laugh. You will grow to be an extraordinary writer. Good job by the way.

  4. There are so many different reasons for every different person for enjoying sad music. Some might be sympathetic or empathetic towards the music. Some people like to hear how bad others are doing to make them self's feel some sense of false hope. Some people just like to be sad...cause they hate how everyone else is happy, cause they can't experience it. But I think with a lot of sadness comes great poetry and lyrics because there is so much true meaning behind that emotion everyone loves to hate. That would be a tough essay, cause I don't believe there is one meaning as to why people enjoy sad songs. Sorry if I wasn't any help, I just felt like voicing my opinion.

  5. I met Nickelback a bunch of times, mainly Chad Kroeger (the lead singer) I also met Default, they sang "Waisting my time" ... they didn't make it very big...

    I also met the lead singer of God head...and I got forced into line at a Sam Goody and met Britney Spears when her first album came out, It wasn't the greatest moment...but I thought I'd share...

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