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  1. yes yes yes...earlier i said that i thought Paige played a guitar solo with a violin bow on Whole Lotta Love, but i think it was on Dazed and Confused. it's one or the other.
  2. guitar solo= the solo in "Feels So Good"-Chuck Mangione guitar riff= opening riff in "Keep On Rockin In the Free World" - Neil Young AND opening riff in "Gimme Some Lovin"-Spencer Davis Group keyboard/synth riff= opening riff in "Superstition"- Stevie Wonder
  3. the electric guitar replaced the sax in the 50's as the blues solo instrument...up until then the sax was the more common solo instrument... rock and roll and blues are closely related, so it's not unheard of to hear sax solo's on rock songs. didn't led zep's Jimmy Page play a guitar solo with a violin bow on one of their songs? Whole Lotta Love or something? the beatles had a sitar on Norweigan Wood. and a clarinet/oboe on When I'm 64. harmonica solos aren't that unusual. The Who had that twangy thing on Join Together.
  4. it's not a very good song, really. lot's of others have done a whole lot better with the 'we don't need no education' type song. including the floyd, men at work -"Be Good Johnny"... The Logic Song is where S.T. got it right on that whole theme.
  5. i'd have to disagree, it is catchy though... but i wouldn't say it's one of the best you'll hear anywhere...it ain't that good ::
  6. my vote is for Spandau Ballet "True" :happybanana:
  7. i'll have to listen to that again, haven't heard it in years... i guess i'm protective of my pink floyd. lol.
  8. there's a violin at the end of Wish You Were Here according to Roger, but i never hear it.
  9. i consider it my generous donation and a sign of my appreciation for all the folk at LW~!
  10. ps... i paid the 20 bucks or so to get Limewire PRO... there's no smegging difference.
  11. legal shmegal. there are times when "everybody else does it" is actually a good excuse.
  12. if you listen to "Help" and "When I'm 64" a few times or so...you'll start to get it. Lennon does Help! Mcartney does 64
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