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  1. I thought that Wild Chery sung 'play that fucken music white boy' instead of 'play that funky music white boy'.
  2. I enjoyed White Pepper - Ween seemed to cover a very diverse range of styles well. It's quite trippy listening to a beautiful ballad (Back to Basom) followed by a brutally heavy number (the Grobe) and then a Steely Dan imitation (Pandy Fackler - but since when have Steely Dan released songs with lyrics about oral sex) Then there's Bananas and Blow, so very like Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, except that Ween's lyrics are about cocaine instead of margaritas. I've yet to hear Quebec.
  3. Jeff Tweedy of Wilco - some wicked riffing on A Ghost is Born, esp the latter part of the 1st track.
  4. I think the Ramones were geared more towards live performances than album or singles sales. Their music sounded like a rawer more agressive version of early rock'n roll. 90s bands like Green Day and the Offspring evoke the 'skater' youth culture of California, rather than the rough New York underground of bands like the Ramones.
  5. (Modern artist/who they remind me of) Queens of the Stone Age/Black Sabbath White Stripes/Led Zeppelin (well certainly Jack's vocals on Get Behind me Satan) Scissor Sisters/Elton John Muse/ELO The Darkness/Kiss (minus the make-up)
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