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  1. i'd like to see someone give any reason to back their opinion. it's one thing to say, i play harmonica or piano or guitar, and that's the best; it's another to say well the piano is definitely the best instrument because there is so much variety and diversity in what you can play. you can be a solo act with a bassline(left hand), and comping/soloing (right hand). you can play classical pieces out the wazoo by yourself if you wanted. you aren't limited whatsoever by breath, amount of notes played, or what you learn. how many guitar, bass, or drum players do you see who can't read music? how many real piano players do you see who can't? how many orchestral players do you see who could jam and play over simple chords? how many piano players do you see who could? i think piano is the instrument where you learn the most about music, you learn from day 1 about theory, performance, and feeling. it is God's instrument, and someone please refute me
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