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  1. You don't have to shout , we're all sitting right here. ::
  2. Nazareth Hi Carole Missed you honey!!
  3. 30 Days in the Hole ~ Humble Pie
  4. Actually, I don't care much for JP. I like some of their stuff, but for whatever reason, I was never really a 'fan'. I saw them when they opened for KISS in 77 or 78, I'm not sure. KK Downing had straight white hair all the way down to his behind. I don't know if it was their first US tour or not, but they were an opening act.
  5. I always found the best song about loving someone from a distance was "My Eyes Adored You" by Fankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I'm biased, though, because that was popular when I had my first crush. Probably 11-12 years old. Had no clue what girls were for, but I knew it wasn't just playing right field when we were short players. Anyway, it's a wonderful song, and it always makes me smile when I hear it. It used to crush me, though, back in the 70's.
  6. I think my favorite album is a combination of those. Sometimes I like Piece of Mind best, then it'll be Number, then Powerslave, etc. One of the best shows I've ever seen was at Hammerlien (sp?) Hall in Germany. Motley Crue opended for them. Ity was like a big gymnasium, not seats. Well, my army buddies went in there about 8 strong and just gorillaed (is that a word?) our way to the front. Had my hands right one the stage. It was beautiful. When Crue was done, they came and did their bow, and Tommy Lee bent over and handed me his Heinekin. If I knew about STD back then, I probably would have thought twice about drinking it. Anyway, there's a big fight between acts, the whole crowd moving like the ocean, but we all hung tough. You get to the stage, you stay there, no matter what. So, the fight dies down, and next thing, a tap on my shoulder. Me and my buddy turn around, and there's this girl with aleopard skin body spandex thing on, holding a giant cup of beer. She had obviously used her, shall we say, womanly charm and worked her way to the stage. So she doesn't speak english, we don't speak german, but it's obvious, she wants us to let her in front of us, to get to the stage. "Yea, right.", and we turn our backs on her. I mean, this is Maiden, man, like, 10 minutes away. So she offers up her big cup of beer to let her in front of us, so we accept. Then the lights go down, smoke rolls out....Churchill begins, and suddenly, I'm in the midst of Aces High, with Dickinson and Steve Harris so close, I can see that Bruce Dickinson has double knots tied in his boots. I mean we were right there,man. So, anyway, after three songs, we decided she had got her cup of beer's worth, and we tossed her up on stage. A roadie came and hauled her off, and we had our spot back. Gentlemanly? No. But this was Maiden, man. Anyway, I came out of that show with a Tommy Lee beer bottle, a Nicko McBrain drumstick, (used, and that's important), and an Adrian Smith sweat band. Oh, and I also high fived with Dickinson maybe 1/2 dozen times. He's walk along the egde of the stage and high five everyone. I lost the sweat band in the train station, I guess while pulling off my sweatshirt. I don't know what happened to the beer bottle. Any I bestowed my Nicko drumstick to my youngest brother, when he discovered Maiden. He's 28 now, and still displays it proudly in his office.
  7. It's too late It's too soon It's time
  8. "But it's worth it just to hear you say" is from Hard Day's Night But it's worth it just to hear you say You're gonna give me everything Cause when I something something I'm gonna something something You know I feel ok When I'm home, everything seems to be right etc etc...
  9. Scott, weren't you looking for an after school job?
  10. I always thought "Old Man" would have easily fit right into any CCR album. Sounds alot like Run Through the Jungle.
  11. Yes. It's actually a poem by Samuel Coleridge. It's quite an epic. I got the book (yes, book), complete with illustrations and side bars. It's a wonderfully eerie story. Wow, this is great. I mention Iron Maiden, and come back an hour later to see them being dicussed. I stopped listening to them for a while, right after Seventh Son. I thought they were getting a little "Synthy". I just recently went back to check on them, and Dickinson has been back for 2 albums, and I'll tell you my friends, it's pure, old school Maiden. Their latest is called Brave New World, and it's an ass kicker. Still love the old stuff best, though. Flight of Icarus The Prisoner Los'fer Words Flash of the Blade Sun And Steel Hallowed be thy Name YES! Still Life Iron Maiden Two Minutes to Midnight Aces High Oh, man, I could go on and on.
  12. I personally don't know it, but the clue you provide is waaayyy more than these folks are used to getting. they've gotten much tougher songs with alot less to work with. I'm confident in bragging on these people. They'll get it for you. And welcome to Songfacts. Explore.
  13. Try some Iron Maiden, man. Oh wait...that 84, not 04. Oh well, I don't care. They're still my favorite metal band. The literary refernces forced me to learn when I was young. I remember when they were puppies on the metal scene. Now, they're one of the grandfathers of metal.
  14. Sounds to me like sometimes things may be black and blue. Gave me a chill.
  15. Vacation was great. European Vacation was horrible. Christmas Vacation is right up there with the first one. It's a toss up .
  16. I saw them open for Stevie Ray Vaughan. They weren't bad, I suppose. Of course, anyone playing opposite SRV would be a pale comparison, anyway. Jimmy did come out and do a few tunes with his baby brother, though. I miss Stevie Ray
  17. I started to read this thread, got about halfway through the initial post, lost interest, and left.
  18. Stevie Ray.... Except for the being dead part.
  19. Sadly, my kids are at the cusp of their teenage years, so Halloween won't be as much fun for me in a few years. They've already informed me that I'm Santa Claus, so the jig is up there, as well. Oh well, I've had a pretty good run of 10 years, living vicariously through the eyes of my children. Oh, sorry to hijack, but just the thought of only a few more years of trick or treating made me meloncholy for the days when I brought a wagon along and would have to pull the kids home because "Daddy, I'm tired". Now I'll have a dormant period while waiting for grandchildren.
  20. ZZ Top. One long, distorted note. George Thorogood (And I know the guy). For the love of God, please play ONE song without a slide guitar. Eric Clapton. Mundane. Nothing flashy.
  21. Exactly, Mind Crime. Mind bending. I was definately not happy with the way it made me feel. Never touched it again.
  22. You mean this Angie Dickinson? Shazam! To this day, she's beautiful. Oh, and it was Rio Bravo.
  23. You're not seeing the forest for the trees. Those trees being Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze. That's how those movies got the go-go from Hollywood execs. Blissfully, I have not seen any of the aforementioned movies.
  24. Cgirl, you had a perfect list...right up till the Night Ranger.
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