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  1. No, it's not Buce Vilanch. Nothing funny about that guy. Plenty of things that are creepy, though. He belongs in the 15 minutes of fame thread. Who is that guy, and why is he still on tv? How did he ever get on tv, for that matter?
  2. I don't know the guy's name, but he's got long hair and wears these yellow aviator glasses. He said he was camping with his girlfriend and they got into a fight, so he stormed out of the tent and pulled the zipper up really, really fast. Pretty funny. I used to have all of Cosby's stuff on album. Cheech and Chong, as well. "Noah" "WHAT? What do you want?" "You've got two males there, you gotta take one of them back and get a female." "I'm not takin' nothin' back...you change one of em!!"
  3. Is it possible to soak a headband in LSD? I mean, do you grab a bucket of LSD and dunk your headband in it? If so, wouldn't it just soak into your pores? What would the need be in cutting yourself? Just being literal for a moment.
  4. Well, here in Newark, Delaware, it's not unusual to see George Thorogood at the local Grotto's Pizza, or Superfresh grocery. My wife went to school with a couple of guys from the 80's band "The Hooters". Thay had a brief stay on the national charts with their album,"Nervous Nights".Don't know if anyone recalls it or not. Bob Marley lived in Wilmington (5 miles east of here) briefly, and I believe his mom may still live there, I'm not sure. Tommy Conwell lives around here somewhere, probably closer to Philly.
  5. Love Me Two Times ~ The Doors
  6. I may not have ten bands. Let's see.... Stevie Ray Vaughan Springsteen KISS* Aerosmith* Ted Nugent Iron Maiden *Early stuff. Nope. I guess the bottom part of my top ten change too much to merit making the list. But those are my mainstays.
  7. You are absolutely correct, my friend. I'm so ashamed. :: Man, that's Classic Rock 101. No soup for me! Love Potion Number 9 ~ The Coasters
  8. I believe I made the last post. (10ccs). Your turn. Again, I apologize if you think I'm patronizing. If you're that sensitive, you won't be here long.
  9. I missed the Nirvana boat. I hear things like 'the voice of a generation', etc, but I can't really comment. Wasn't my generation.I know there was much gnashing of teeth when he passed away.
  10. Foxy, no-one is trying to be patronizing towards you. Hang around and you'll find the folks in here are far and wide , personality wise. For the most part everyone gets along. I've had my battles with others, as has everyone else in here. There are youngsters, idealists, antagonists, wanna be philosophers (me), just about any type of people you can think of. We all get along, some better that others, some not so well. But it's a happy exsistence. Don't think we're picking on you. We're not. Everyone is welcome here. Whether they stay or not is up to them. Love is Like Oxygen ~ 10CC's
  11. Wow. I guess you don't realize your post was skipped over because you weren't playing the way the game is intended. No need to be so defensive, though. It was an honest mistake. You're new here, so you didn't know. Don't run off so quickly. This is a good place to hang around. Good folks in here. I'd like for you to meet the Cyberdemon. 12:51 ~ The Strokes
  12. Ok, it's like that, I guess. Sorry, wasn't trying to sound patronizing. Just trying to let you know how we play the game, that's all. :: It's not much of a game if only one person is playing. Welcome to Songfacts
  13. The idea, Foxy, is to do one, and then let someone else have a turn. Just so you know, ok? Beneath My Hand ~ 13 Engines
  14. _jr_


    I think it speaks volumes just because of the simple fact that you folks would even mention it. Any other site would have just put it up and said 'screw you'. But you folks have class. Do what you have to do.
  15. Rancid (again, I don't know a single song) To answer your question, I don't think any rappers use their name. They'd rather mizzpell sumpin to getstreet cred and promote illiteracy.
  16. Porno for Pyros (even though I've never heard a song) Sometimes, I just know things, Carole my love.
  17. Thanks for the heads up. I was mulling over whether or not to see this film. I trust the reviews in here more than any , ahem, 'critic'.
  18. 21 Questions ~ 50 Cent (yes, I had to look it up)
  19. I decided to put this in music discussion, since there are musicians involved. Post a guitar face. You know, the one they make when hitting "that note". Doesn't just have to be guitarists, though. Drummers, bassists, pianists, vocalists, etc. Just capture "that face".
  20. Citizen's Arrest! Citizen's Arrest! Don, I waited for it to get down to here so I could put in 25 Miles. Dag,dude. Thanks a lot.
  21. Interesting name. Miata Chick. I think if your name is Miata, the chick part goes without saying :: Welcome to Songfacts.
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