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    I saw U2 in 85 or so, out in Denver. Red Rocks Ampitheater (now there's a venue!), where they made their concert video. That wasn't the show I was at, though. The one I saw was either the tour before, or the tour after, I'm not sure. I also saw Madonna at the Philadelphia Spectrum, which, by the way, was an awesome show. It was the Blonde Ambition tour, I think. The one where she had the long pony tail. The 80's were a blur for me.
  2. Alright Gis, time for bed. :sleepy: :sleepy:
  3. They did a movie called Fuzz? I didn't know that. The one I was thinking of also starred Jim Brown. Really, I was just trying to get a pic of Raquel on the screen. I have a truly racy one of her, coming up out of the water onto the beach in a bikini, soaking wet, her bikini, shall we say, not a heavy fabric.... Anyway, your turn.
  4. Predator. I'll be back in a minute, I've got to find some images.
  5. Gisela, I understand the Ireland/Germany thing. I was born in Delaware, but moved to Maryland when I was 8, but always said I was from Delaware. Once I was old enough, I moved back. Your home is your home. I was in Germany for 18 months back in the early 80's, in the army.
  6. It might just be me, but you're in Ireland, and your tv is in Germany, chances are pretty much anything is going to be more entertaining. By the way..I see you got your frog status on post #50. :: P.P.S. How do you pronounce your name? I've been pondering this since you first arrived.
  7. I own a few Tracy Chapman cds. She's not flashy, but she's got passion in her songs.
  8. I've always enjoyed Annie Lennox's voice. Great range, with authority.
  9. I can relate. I've had those 'soul tremors' as well.
  10. I went through all the threads in the "Concert" forum, and didn't see this mentioned, so I'm going to ask it. What band that's no longer around, do you wish you could have seen live? It could be you had the chance and didn't take it, or you were born too late, or whatever. For me, I've seen just about everyone I've wanted to see, with one glaring omission....Queen. I would have loved to have seen Freddie sing live.
  11. This woman has been on my "who cares?" list since day one. Just the simple fact that she married legend Mutt Lange speaks volumes about her intentions. Yes, I also heard that she released two different versions of her music, to cover both markets. She's untalented. Name one song where she shows any vocal range. Can't be done. She's plastic, as well. The only reason she's even around is because she wears the clothes she does. As far as country music goes, there are only , maybe, 3 or 4 artists out there that even remotely sound like traditional country. She's not one of them.
  12. In all seriousness, it is an intriguing question. TP's right though, bluesboy is probably the most knowledgeable person on the boards when it comes to these matters. A true music historian and enthusiast.
  13. I believe it's this one, by the cavemen. Some of the cut are: Rock and Roll Bang a Stick on a Log Baby, You can Roll My Wheel Your Cave or Mine I Miss You (Since You Learned to Walk Erect)
  14. Yea, how come michelle gets a special name? I wanna be a pelican!. It's not fair! You like michelle better than the rest of us!!
  15. Those box sets are pretty cool sometimes. I got the Aerosmith one, maybe 10 years ago. There's one gem from the early 70's "I'm on the Road Again". Raw and gritty. The "50 previously unreleased tracks !!" deal can be decieving, though. 26 seconds of Joe Perry tuning his guitar constitutes 'Disc 3, track 9', etc, etc. I'm not trying to burst your bubble, Scott. I just don't want you to be too let down if that's what you get.
  16. I was at my Mom's Sunday, and she was up in the attic cleaning out stuff. I was going through some boxes, and I found a book of poetry from my 10th grade writing class. Flipping through it, I came across this one. Now, to set this up, I was 15, and stood at the bus stop every morning. There was one girl I had a secret crush on. The real deal. No eat, no sleep, lay awake at night staring at the ceiling crush. So anyway, I waited for her every morning. Her name was Julie. Dawn's bouquet, still fully dew'n, Morn's eye subdues the mist. My heart, she'll crush afore the noon, Ah, sweet dagger she doth twist! Her offhand glance, I hold revere, The scent of auburn tress. Can fill my eye with longing tear, Aching, my soul doth press. With a word, my heart be strewn, A laugh, and I am rich. To smile at me, both curse and boon, In her lilt, my breath doth hitch. To whisper close, to taste her ear, My heart to her, confess. Her face to touch, her skin so near, My soul she doth caress.
  17. Has anyone ever heard of this band? My wife's cousin burned me a copy. I listened to the entire cd while I was out running errands this past Friday. It's eatheral and unobtrusive. Kind of a techno/Sade' mix. Odd thing, though...the lyrics are really quite sparse, sort of an afterthought, I thought. Also, the guy sounds 100% reggae, but only one of the tracks has a true reggae flavor. It was ok. Nothing groundbreaking, but nothing too irritating, either. A few of the tracks were borderline chants, though. That was a bit tedious.
  18. More cats from Canada. Daniel-san....you may want to start thinking about puting a team together. Welcome to Songfacts,Rob and Mark. Just so you know, Daniel and Cyber have a long running fued about hockey...
  19. lost, I think your best bet would be to drift around in these threads. There are a ton of songs, discussions, debates, etc. All the music talk in here will give you an idea of what we 'old timers' like. It's a great place to learn some things about other genres. I didn't think I'd ever know anything about the newer stuff. There are plenty of youngsters in here as well, who keep the geritol crowd posted. There's also a mutual respect between the two, which is nice. Welcome to Songfacts!
  20. See that michelle? Squeaky wheel gets the oil.
  21. Quite the contrary, Diggs, my friend. I'm a firm believer in living life fully cognizant of your thoughts and emotions. No artificial sweeteners here. And Amy, your jumbled thoughts are your own invention. Take credit!!
  22. Very interesting. I'd be interested in reading the news article mentioned.
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