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  1. Unfortunately, the two best shows I ever saw, both guys have since passed away. SRV and Thin Lizzy.
  2. Like them or not, they're more talented than any 10 pop girls combined.
  3. The fiddle player and banjo player in the Dixie Chicks are sisters.
  4. Malcom and Angus Alex and Edward Donnie and Marie Those Oasis guys. Aren't a bunch of the Beach Boys related? The dudes from Black Crowes
  5. Well thanks to all who contributed. I burned my cd last night, and listened to it at work today. Obviously, I couldn't use them all, and some suggested artist's songs, and I used the artist, but a different tune. All in all, I think it came out pretty good. It has a definite mood. Here's the cd, in order.: 1. Imaginary Lover ~ Atlanta Rhythmn Section 2. Against the Wind ~ Bob Seger 3. Drift Away ~ Dobie Gray 4. It Keeps You Runnin' ~ Doobie Brothers 5. I Can't Tell You Why ~ The Eagles 6. One More Time ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd 7. Just Remember I Love You ~ Firefall 8. Operator ~ Jim Croce 9. Night Moves ~ Bob Seger 10.Tuesday's Gone ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd 11.Classical Gas ~ Mason Williams 12.Helpless ~ CSN&Y 13.Take it to the Limit ~ The Eagles 14.Baby Come Back ~ Player 15.Angie ~ The Stones 16.Diamond Girl ~ Seals & Croft 17.I'm Not in Love ~ 10CC Comes in just over 78 minutes. I believe Classical Gas is from 68 or so, but hey, it's my cd, right? Special thanks to whom ever it was that suggested 'Helpless'. I'd forgotten what a wonderful song that is.
  6. I think I'd write my own called "Thank God it's Over"
  7. They also had a wonderfully techno-hiccup called "Mental Hopscotch"
  8. I like the couple I've heard from the G-n-R/STP mutation. I forget the name.
  9. "Operator" is one of the saddest songs ever written.
  10. I just realized I spelled 'altar' incorrectly. I went to edit it, and it said the time had expired. Rats. I hate to spell words the wrong way. Drives me nuts.
  11. What was the second? I know.....
  12. When Rosanne decided she could act. Nothing scarier than that.
  13. That's top notch. It's a shame more people don't take these sort of observances seriously enough. I mean, these men made the ultimate sacrifice at the alter of peace, to steal from Abraham Lincoln.
  14. I've a feeling I've just been made the butt of a joke. All I can figure of this is He's a......... Ask him. The rest, I don't know. Seems to me this language is alot more work than just typing the words normally.
  15. Elvy, you hit me right in the heart. It's been a little over 14 years since Stevie Ray went down in that helicopter, and I still choke up sometimes when I'm listening to him, and the thought hits me that he'll never play another note. I loved that guy. His music spoke to me in a way nobody else ever had before or since. I only hope everyone gets a chance to experience something like that. He was a true blues guitarist. And he could kick it in the ass, too. Long live Stevie Ray Vaughan.
  16. Wow. Wait till you're old enough to vote.
  17. Ok, Songfacters...or in this case, Songfactors, I never thought I'd need help burning a cd, but I do. I want to burn one of mello stuff, all from the 70's. I know I could easily come up with 80 minutes worth of music on my own but I'd like to get some suggestions. Maybe you good people with impeccable taste in music can give me a few songs I may not have thought of otherwise. Here's what I have so far: I Can't Tell You Why ~ The Eagles Take It To The Limit ~ The Eagles Tuesday's Gone ~ Skynyrd Angie ~ The Stones One More Time ~ Skynyrd So, I guess I'm also kind of looking for a bit of a southern flavor, as well. Lay it on me.
  18. She has videos? I've never seen one. Then of course, I turned off MTV the day Yo MTV Raps debuted, and never turned it on again. Seriously. Sounds to me like she has an Alanis Morrisette complex. "I'm so deep, take me seriously"
  19. Anybody remember any of Madonna's movies? Scare me.
  20. Only trouble, their "celebrity" is dubious at best. That Avril looks like she might be able to fight, though. She also looks like she needs a bath. Come to think of it....all those people that participated in the 'celebrity boxing' things....well, their celebrity was dubious, as well. So, I guess, ring the bell...
  21. _jr_

    War Films

    Platoon damn near pulled my guts out. Saving Private Ryan was very good, although there were some flaws. I've read literally hundreds of books on WWII, and there weren't any medics out there without weapons. They portray them as angels of mercy, risking life and limb completely unarmed. You bet your a$$ they had sidearms. Also, there's no way a squad of soldiers go wandering through open fields across the French countryside in broad daylight. Other than that, it was top notch
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