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  1. Hey, I just realized Christi is from Bel Air, Maryland. We're right next door. I go right by your house every time I go see the O's. You got any money?
  2. I troll every thread. *Sniff* It's my job.
  3. "Are you Omay?" "I'm Umbday. Omay's inside."
  4. Ha! I just dorked an entire thread.
  5. Re: All 48 of these posts..... ^Dork.
  6. "What's your sheriff think of your business practices?"
  7. Sounds more like a Beach Boys song.
  8. I find a woman who spells correctly is most attractive.
  9. he said 'decent soundtrack.' Let's see....in addition to the above mentioned 'Freaky Friday' we have All of Me Like Father Like Son Freaky Friday (again) That one with Ellen Barkin The Hot Chick Oh, I'm sure there are plenty more. And, as far as a good soundtrack (I'm sorry, I can't help it) (woo, I can't breathe!!) , the only way they're going to have a good soundtrack for this piece of dreg (yes, I know it will be crap), is if they don't let that little troll anywhere near it.
  10. Oh, yeah, that's original. Just like his music for the last 15 years. Finally, Sir Elton's wooden, cookie cutter, beat-the-same- sound-to-death for the almighty Disney Dollar philosophy comes to the big screen.
  11. Is that wine, or 'whine'? Have you ever heard that guy sing? Good Lord.
  12. besides the obvious punchlines available, why is it too small now? Has Paul had a growth spurt?
  13. I like the name , too. You only get to see him after the answers to a quiz have been posted.
  14. And here's a thread of slow jamming lead solos to prove it. Stranglehold ~ Ted Nugent Hitch a Ride ~ Boston Little Wing ~ Stevie Ray Vaughan (my personal favorite version) Comfortably Numb ~ Pink Floyd (Dave Gilmour) Just to start it off.
  15. I think I speak for lesbians everywhere when I say 'Whew!' Oh, yeah, and ^Dork. You've been dorked. Welcome to Songfacts.
  16. _jr_


    "I Keep Forgettin' I Forgot About You" is on there twice. Ironic?
  17. Aarrrrgh!!! I had them all right, except the Suzanne Vega one. Somebody told me it was The Macarena. Doesn't matter anyway. I, once again, forgot to hand it in.
  18. I am posting this for Van Halen: I want you to list the cds you own. Seriously.
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