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  1. Any time you win 7 championships at anything, let alone 7 in a row, that, friends, is impressive.
  2. what's this? Edna explaining how to do something on the computer? Ok, I'll be leaving Songfacts now. I have officially seen everything.
  3. these guys were pretty funny: by the way...there's not a person in here who knows more about M*A*S*H than me. That's a direct challenge to anyone. ::
  4. Actually, this is the title of their first album, but it's "Pronounced Leh'-nerd Skin'-nerd" I think that's it, anyway.
  5. If you're comparing yourself to Jim Morrison and Robert Plant, you are obviously too big for Songfacts.
  6. Girls Night Out ~ The Judds Can't get much more specific than that, I suppose.
  7. I liked the fact that it was about realizing life was bigger than your own little world. It touched on a lot of issues of that time. Nam, Apollo 13, flower children, things such as that. Also, it covered things that happen in every generation. Schoolhood crushes, the ideals of friendship. Sibling rivalry. I could identify with a lot of the things Kevin Arnold went through. I remember how it freaked me out to see one of my teachers outside school. It was like they were .... human. I also remember one of my teachers passing away. Too human. A lot of good things about that show.
  8. I loved the Wonder Years. It reminded me a lot of when I was growing up.
  9. Orange chainsaw. Hhhmmmm....
  10. Missiles locked. All systems go. Activate launch sequence.
  11. Would you say the Stones dabbled in glam? I seem to remember them going through a mascara and blush phase.
  12. That's ok. Keep kicking. ^dork^dork^dork
  13. Yes, but all those shows I saw from 77-86 or so. i haven't always been the dork you see before you today. well, actually, I have.
  14. Hey, that's Elvy's 2000th post^
  15. Rats. I thought, when I saw you were making a new reply, that you were putting up a question. Sigh......
  16. I'm with Chris on this one. What's the point of us giving our opinion, if you're going to tell us what we think isn't right?
  17. Download some songs first. Test drive them first. Amateur.
  18. Then what do you need our opinion for?
  19. Well, the fine for being caught in the 70s isn't as severe as getting caught in the 80s. Also, scoring in the 70s is less likely to help out with your scholarship hopes.
  20. I've been punked. Let's not forget Snoopy Diggity Dogg. Bleeped 23 times in one song.
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