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  1. not really funny but oh well, on Blind Faith's 'Can't Find My Way Home' i thought i heard "i'm bleary-eyed and i just ain't got the time.." the actual lyrics are "i'm near the end and i just ain't got the time" mine were better though
  2. Blind Faith- Blind Faith Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young- Deja Vu Patti Smith- Horses Buzzcocks- Singles Going Steady The Gun Club- Fire Of Love Black Flag- Damaged the Yardbirds- Live feat. jimmy Page will prob. be right up your alley
  3. yes led zeppelin were bloody great, but their songs do tend to sound alike after a while, all you need by them are I II III en IV imo. i agree somewhat on the charisma thing, though it isn't all what makes a band popular. oh and George was my favorate beatle
  4. i have a friend who has every michael jackson album.. i have forgiven her though, because she lets me borrow her clothes i still blush whenever i hear a dire straits song on the radio, because i was i big fan when i was about 13, and it just reminds me of this geeky kid. and my colleages have made fun of my smiths cd's but i just put that down to the fact that they have absolutly no taste whatsoever ::
  5. hardly any i guess i believe bands nowadays are mainly 'tribute' bands like for example that whole garage thing we've got in the charts right now(hives etc). even Oasis as mentioned above sound more like a beatles cover band formed by car thieves than anything original. music hasn't really evolved much beyond the nineties, nothing really fresh and new has been made in a long time, just the odd band here and there pop out a great song once a while. it's stinky and dusty and i don't like it
  6. it's got to be Nico by a long shot, i love Chelsea Girl more then life itself, but her voice defenitly takes some errhh .....getting used to.
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