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  1. OOps thank you elvishlucky you are correct its just that I heard it a long time ago that I forgot the real words thanks again for your help bluedreamer
  2. ...."You share the love of my life oooh..." I think this is a song by Electric light orchestra. I hearded a long time ago but I can't find the Lyrics and the name of the song. I apreciate some help on this one thank you. Bluedreamer
  3. Thank you muziktyme I apreciate your help I'm back to my childhood once again, By the way those cartoons were really great. Bluedreamer still 30's and loving it
  4. have someone heard the song of the cartoon "the pink panther" I don't even know the title or who sings it. All I have found its an Instrumental by Henry Mancini but I'm quite sure I heard it sang its just that I can't remember anymore who was it or I'm just going nuts.
  5. Christian music K-LOVE actually a radio station in El Paso Tx. oooookkk. ::
  6. Hi ann is a new song but still haven't got the name or the male singer so I'm still searching for this one and it has like a pop sound ...for you, for you.... Ahhh rats I don't think that can be much of a help thank you anyway.
  7. Thank you both of you I really apreciate your help I like this song very much so sammy29 and mel. I'm very happy I owe you guys. bluedreamer ::
  8. I heard this song on MTV a long long time ago. And don't remeber who sings it or the name but the I know just a little bit about the lyrics that goes like this "..behind you another runner is born don't look back You'll be there feel the ... of your breath is the air" if someone knows this one I really apreciate your help on this one and by the way. if you need an 80's song ddon't hesitate to ask a might have it. thank you bluedreamer
  9. thank you for your help it is strenght by the alarm.
  10. I heard a few days ago a song in K-LOVE fm radio station but didn't know the song name or male singer the lyrics goes like this. "....and when you fall I'll be there for you, for you...." thank you bluedreamer
  11. I still can't find this song I really apreciate your help on this one, 'cause only know a few of the lyrics. that goes like this ".... this arms were meant to hold you take you to paradise... L for the love you give me, O for the only one, v baby you're very very special , e for everytime we make love..." male artist. thank you bluedreamer
  12. look for disco dewanee but I'm not sure good luck bluedreamer
  13. I heard this two songs in the radio late 80's early 90's but I can't seem to find the title or who sings it. I only know a little bit about the lyrics that goes like this song 1. (L for the love you bring me, O for the only one, V you're very very special, E for every time we make love) song 2. someone write me a letter I need to know that I'm still alive....some one better give me love give, me hope, give me strength, give me someone to live for. I really apreciate your help. thank you bluedreamer
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