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  1. Here is a band led by a musical master, David Murray. If you are in the market for some hot big band jazz played by some of the finest musician's working out of Cuba, I recomend this one. Hot tunes, hot arrangements and hot player's. You can't go wrong with this Earth shaking band. If you want your socks blown off, check out the tune 'Break out' on Now is another time. WOW! Image from Amazon.com
  2. This is a band led by pianist Jon Cleary, that hails from New Orleans. They are one of the "Fonkiest" bands around right now. They currently have two releases out now on Basin Street records, "Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen" and their latest, "Pin your spin". Jon Cleary plays keyboards with Bonnie Raitt and can be seen on tour with her at various venues around the globe. To sample the music made by this fine band, just go to.... ... http://www.basinstreetrecords.com/ Images from Amazon.
  3. Who are the best 10 ever? My, that's quite a question. How to answer and get it right?? How to answer and not let my tatste dictate my choice? I'll give it a go! :: 1: The Beatles. 2: The Rolling stones. 3: The Band. 4: The Who. 5: Yes. 6: The Jimi Hendrix Experience. 7: Santana. 8: Black Sabbath. 9: Frank Zappa and the mother's of invention. 10: Led Zeppelin. That is not easy. I had to leave out a great many. People I would like to have included would include, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The Velvet underground. Allman brother's. Fleetwood Mac. The Doors. Genesis. U2. De
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