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  1. I actually tried that. But I erased my Internet history before that, so it didn't help. HOWEVER..., I found the song! Heard it on the radio again yesterday. The original is released somewhere in the begin '90s, but they've released a remix of the song: Nick Kamen - I Promised Myself (2003 Remix) You might want to check it out yourself. Never know if you like it Also found a musicvideo here of a 2004 Remix () yeah many remixes hehe: http://www.digidance.cc/lib/4247e28f4842a0294dc8f57aedb274ef/tracks/NickKamen%20-%20IPromisedMyself2004.wmv
  2. The worst thing is, I know it's really popular. I did a search for it on the Net after I heard it and it gave back so many hits. I've looked through about 50 charts but didn't recognize it on there. If I remember correctly the artist's name was just that: a name (first name, last name). The song was about four words long. Never stop looking
  3. Hi Sara, No I don't remember a snippet. I used to a week ago. That's how I found out who the song was by (searched it on Google and found some lyrics pages). Maybe it would help if I said it has a bit of a Tiesto - Love Comes Again touch. A bit. Especially the vocals. Not the whole trance beat thing. If everything else fails, I'll just keep my ears open and listen to the radio.
  4. = well.. I heard it on the radio about a week ago and I remembered a part of the lyrics. Looked it up on Google, did a search on the Internet for the song and many people had it. Unfortunately I forgot the song's name now, even though I really want to hear it. I assume it's quite popular, so here it goes: If I remember correctly it's starts with an acoustic guitar piece and continues with a techno/dance type of style. I had difficulty placing it in a genre. The vocals are male and the whole thing sounds quite energetic. Gave me a bit of a summer feel. So does this ring a bell for anyone
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