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  1. That makes sense. I heard something about the pig not supposed be getting up there in the air, and the rope came loose or something, but I don't know how true that is. The way I view the album, although I'm probably wrong, is this: Pigs are the high up people, the people who totally reap the benefits of others work, and are, like you said, politicians, but also bosses, CEOs, etc. I think Dogs are ordinary people who gradually get moved up the economic ladder and become in a higher position than entry-level. They sort of forget what it was like to be the proletariat, and exploit the people that are under them, the helpless sheep. That is my opinion, and it's probably wrong, so if anyone else has any ideas go ahead and shout em out.

    First, You're right. The Pig did get loose.

    Second, Your theory on the whole Animal's meaning is pretty much dead on...if you believe the general consensus

    Third, Miles Davis "Bitches Brew" has great album art.

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