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  1. Dim the lights, clear your mind and breathe in the essence that is truly Beethoven. The fourth and final movement of his ninth symphony. Performed by a world renowned assistant scientist. Ode To Joy.
  2. The price of gas is grinding me currently. They've got us at a buck-fourty a litre. That is 'bout 5.31 a gallon. Equates to 90 bucks or better for a fill-up on my Pontiac Montana. We are bouncing around the idea of fuel surcharges at work, and the customers are gonna flip-out. It's almost like our government is trying to shut down the economy. If they can send a satellite to Mars and have it beaming pictures back in 20 minutes, they sure as hell can make a car run on something other than gas. And the price climbs, in most cases, overnight. I don't know what the situation is where you guys are, but the price comes down, slowly, bit by bit, you see the price at, say, a buck thirty two on your way home, then overnight, *sproiiiing*, a buck forty seven the next morning. And each jump is a wee bit higher than last. And everyone does that hands apart, wide-eyed 'it's not our fault, it's the other guy's fault' explanation. Yeah? Well it's someone's damn fault. And the government's profit increases with each price hop. There HAS to be some guy in some revenue office in Ottawa saying "Jeezus Christ lookit the money roll in!".
  3. No, I didn't know. That's why I said I thought it was lost and gone forever.
  4. Bob Seger - "Back In '72" a great song.
  5. Michael, that was absolutely, totally, completely brilliant. Brilliant.
  6. I thought this was lost and gone forever. Far too bizarre not to watch. Devo - Secret Agent Man.
  7. Conversation heard in my home tonight: He: "Oh My God, you aren't going to BELIEVE this!" She: "What!?" He: "Nevermind...."
  8. Father's Last Words Pat Dailey From "Great American Saturday Night" Now sit down my sons, I've something to say, what my father told me on his dying day. Now, to my own sons, I pass this along, for my time is at hand, and soon I'll be gone. I've tried to teach you what's right and what's wrong. Be upright, be honest, be brave and be strong. Be kind and be true, to the good friends you've made, and never turn down a chance to get laid. To the young ones, the old ones, the hot ones, the cold ones, the skags and the hags, the free and the paid.To the rich ones, the poor ones, the drunk-on-the-floor ones, if she's ugly son, pull down the shades, but never turn down the chance to get laid.... Boys now I lay here, my body's all broke. I pray you'll be heedin', these last words I spoke. As I greet my Maker, I clearly now see, why all of your mothers, are so pissed-off at me. To the big ones, the small ones, the short ones, the tall ones, the street walkin' hooker, the cook or the maid. To the flat-chested-screamer, the big-breasted big-beamer, never mind if she's fertile or spayed, never turn down a chance, to get laid. To the the sleazy, the easy, the smelly, the greasy, the smutty, the slutty, the chubby ones too. To the classic two-bagger, the two-legged-tail-wagger. And boys, you'll know when your through.... When you've found one you love, who loves you. But 'till you do......... To the black ones, to the white ones, to the loose ones to the tight ones. To the freaks, to the geeks, the uniques and moldy antiques. To the nasty, to the mean, the obese, the obscene, never turn down the chance, always go for romance, never turn down the chance, always go for the pants, never turn down the chance, to get laid. Let Pat give you a smile.....
  9. "Diving" with my niece in the pool. Got back to the "surface" and she said "Thats the best fun I've ever had.", then planted one on my cheek. THAT sure as hell sweetened my coffee.....
  10. CanAm witt the support shown here, you'll come through with flying colors. Ken.
  11. Bob Seger In Your Time
  12. I Can't Turn You Loose from the Blues Brothers Mall chase scene....
  13. Khia - "My Neck, My Back". Y'just don't hear songs like that anymore... You'll hafta Google the lyrics..
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Gordon Lightfoot.
  15. Uh oh, I feel it happening....
  16. Will, sorry for the late chime-in, I was out of town the last few. Hope it was stellar! Ken.
  17. I am going to dub this "The Great Summer Soltice Pissup Of 2008". Kinda sounds like a furniture sale. Another wild snarl about *nothing*. The only resolution to this is to invoke the Sacred Songfacts Resolution Chant. All hold hands and chant.... "I sofa king we todd-ed". I'm heading off to the 1000 Islands for 7 days of blissful diving. Don't kill one another. Ken.
  18. Punctuation and correct grammar are tenets to be adhered to by those that fancy themselves 'wordsmiths'. Good thing accomplished poets by way of e.e. cummings seldom abided by those those constraints or we'd not be blessed by their works. True 'nuff, dat.
  19. Carlin will be sorely missed. His view on religion changed my way of thinking. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, George. May Joe Pesci bless you....
  20. SOooooooo many good memories to this one... The Munsters Hawaii 5-0 Lost in Space The Muppet Show Beverly Hillbillies I always hoped these guys would freak everyone out and start making out... She was a little bit country, he was a little bit rock and roll Anyone remember this one? Wait 'till Your Father Gets Home! The composer of this one just passed away The Andy Griffith Show "You unlock this door with the key of imagination.." The Twilight Zone Goodbye grey skies, hello blue, Happy Days Karl Malden had the biggest nose on television on The Streets Of San Francisco Jim Rockford had the coolest car on The Rockford Files. Don't go to bed with a bird on your head... Baretta Theme My Mom loved this show, Room 222 The Mod Squad was a pretty cool show. I always thought The Rookies had a cool theme. Farrah Fawcett is still the hottest woman television had ever seen Charlies Angels Little House On The Prairie was a family favorite.. The Waltons were geeky even for the '70's Not really a theme song, by my God, check the hair out on Tony Friggin' Orlando John Travolta, who knew? Welcome Back Kotter Come Aboard, we're expecting you! The Love Boat (I'd have rocked the cruise directors world..) Everyone knows the words to this one, sing it... Movin' On Up, To The East Side The opening to Starsky and Hutch always sounded like bad porno music to me. I know (heh heh) 'alternative' lyrics to this song... The Brady Bunch The last recorded words of the late Bon Scott were Shazbot! Nanu Nanu! Sargeant Carter! Gomer Pyle, USMC. Not from way back, but brought cool back to tv themes.... Woke Up This Morning, Got Yourself a Gun.. Bo and Luke were Just Good Ol' Boys... Schlemail? Schlamozzle? Hassenfeffer Incorporated? Loni Anderson was uber hot WKRP in Cincinnati One Adam-12. One Adam-12 see the man.... Before there was Steve Irwin, we had that old geezer Marlon Perkins on Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom But ol' Marlon used to wait up in the 'relative safety of this 100-foot tree, while Jim wrestles the alligator'. Janet Jackson's 'pre-boobyshot' premier in Good Times , Ain't we lucky we got 'em? Archie Bunker, a total original... All In The Family and the granddaddy of alllllll themes..... A three hour tour. A three hour tour..........
  21. And our milk comes in plastic bags. l litre plastic bags. 3 per package. You put it in a milk container. You cut a small corner off the bag with one of these.. I include these because it never ceases to freak the Americans out every time they come over..
  22. But what do you expect from a Nation where the dollar coin is called the Loonie And the two dollar coin is called the Twoonie And it takes 94 loonies to fill up your gas tank.
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