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  1. Dave, great minds think alike... If you are downloading these, search "AM GOLD" and go wild.. Here is my contribution, more to come as they occur to me. Pointer Sisters, "Fire" and "Slowhand". Harry Nillson's "Everybody's Talkin'" Seger's "Against the Wind" Johnny Nash's "Hold Me Tight" and "I can See Clearly Now" Ken.
  2. Michael Meyers slowly sitting up and rotating his head to look at Laurie Strode at the end of "Halloween". I was young and impressionable, but that bit scared the bejeesus out of me.... Ken.
  3. Jr, you surprise me! I thought Peters showed the most diverse side of Kiss. True to Pete's doo-wop R/B and soul roots. I know it got slammed by the critics, but I really liked it. I thought Gene's was inane, Paul's was so wishy-washy it was almost saccharine, and Ace's most Kiss-like. It was a bad time for the band... Ken.
  4. Oooooo. Scary..... Riiiight. One (1) pasty white Don Post Studio's "Michael Meyers" mask (with the theme from "Halloween" playing in the background.) One (1) set blue coveralls. One (1) very large, VERY real butcher's knife, black handle, steel rivets set within that handle. One (1) fog machine. Speakers hidden on the front yard, bellowing the following song. Shoot off a blast of the fake fog, walk slowly, menacingly through the for. Everyone looks at you. Stop. Pick out someone that looks terrified. Stare at them. Cock your head to the left ever so slightly. Begin to walk toward them, they'll back up, and fast.... The Man Behind The Mask Alice Cooper And you're parked alone On a summer night You're deep in love But you're deeper in the woods You think you're doin' alright Did you hear that voice Did you see that face Or was it just a dream This can't be real That only happens, babe On the movie screen Oh, but he's back He's the man behind the mask And he's out of control He's back The man behind the mask And he crawled out of his hole You're swimmin' with your girl Out on lovers' lake And the wind blows cold It chills your bones But you're still on the make That's a bad mistake But the moon was full And you had a chance To be all alone But you're not alone This is your last dance And your last romance Yeah, cause he's back He's the man behind the mask And he's out of control He's back The man behind the mask And he crawled out of his hole Oh, if you see him comin' Get away if you can Just keep on runnin' Run as fast as you can He's a dangerous, dangerous man And he's out tonight And he's watchin' you And he knows your house No, don't turn out the lights Yeah, cause he's back He's the man behind the mask And he's out of control He's back The man behind the mask And he's after your soul He's back He's the man behind the mask And he's out of control He's back The man behind the mask And he's after your soul He's back He's the man behind the mask And he's out of control He's back The man behind the mask And he's after your soul" You can pick this apart all you want. Tell you what? It works.
  5. I am having a 'down' day, and you guys make it less so. You guys are the shizzle, fazizzle..... Or somethin' like that. Thanks for being around. Ken.
  6. I am so sorry guys. Truly and honestly..... I have been so wrapped up in this Halloween thing, I have let some important facets of my life slide a bit... In my own defense, I have checked in frequently just to make sure things were on the up 'n up. I'll be glad when the Halloween thing is done, and put away. So, to all my good friends, Hello, and much affection to you all. Kenny.
  7. I do a front yard Hallowen display. We usually raise funds for the local Children's burn unit, and everyone has a load of fun. Every year I try to add something to the display, and this year's addition is going to pop some minds. I've built a full sized coffin. This bugger weighs over 350 pounds, lined with 4" foam rubber under blood red satin. I'll be installing a fog machine underneath, and a friend gave me a couple of pretty good speakers. I am open for ideas as to what to put in there, I am dancing with the idea of making myself up as a well rotted corpse, but it's still up in the air. I have no way of posing a photo of the finished product, but if you'd like a look at it, drop me a note, and I'll send it off. Ken.
  8. The hell with mourning. Celebrate the man and the band that showed everyone that simplicity is beauty. Concrete block guitar, zero solos, no frills. And that shouted "One-Two-Three-Four!". Pay tribute to the fallen members by playing this music to the kids and showing them that Britney is what Corporate Rock is feeding us. That Christina is poisoning the musical pool. The Ramones wrote and played 2-1/2 minute songs. It should stand to reason that you can bring the speakers out and get one side of Rocket To Russia played long before the cops show up, and piss the neighbors off exquisitely. Don your leather jacket, busted kneehole jeans, raise your fist, and salute Johnny properly. "Hey Ho, Let's Go!" Ken.
  9. Zack, you are absolutely correct. After all, a band that has been around for 30+ years, played for countless millions of people, and set records of attendance in arenas spanning the globe, well, they just have to suck. Ken.
  10. Same here. It doesn't matter where you live on the globe, anyone with a heart was horrified with what happened on this day. Whoever was responsible for 9/11 did absolutely nothing for their 'cause'. What they did was wholesale mass murder. Ken.
  11. Yeah, I see what you mean, XXX. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight, you get shot full of holes.. Ken.
  12. Ken

    Blues mix

    Check out the guitarist "Ry Cooder" for haunting blues. If you are interested in hearing where Angus got his raw bluesy sounds, listen to Dick Dale, "Front Porch Blues". If you are interested in how the blues came to be, one of the earliest recorded blues was by a man known as Robert Johnson. If you fed Robert Johnson some amphetamines and put him on steroids, you'd have Angus. That 3-chord blues progression has travelled time quite well. Little Milton's "The Blues Is Alright" is a great blues song. Muddy Waters "Nine Below Zero" is far too cool not to listen to, as well as "Mannish Boy" . I'd suggest John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom", as well as Howlin' Wolf's "Little Red Rooster". Also from Robert Johnson, "Dust My Broom" is really good. Blues is something I have been listening to for a long long time. I am no expert, but I know what I like. Ken.
  13. Bat, you'll never know until you try! Give it a shot, you'll be surprised... Ken.
  14. The end of Kiss' 'Deuce', where Ace lets it out, full throttle. Everyone makes jokes about Kiss, but unless you can make it burn like that, then maybe silence is your best friend. I get really weary of people knocking them. A bunch of the younger guys at work rip on me for liking them Iin a friendly way) frequently. I brought in the "Alive II" album and opened it up to the gatefold. Can your favorite band do that? ? No? Then perhaps you may want to go away now... Ken.
  15. Jeeze.... No one has included this yet? I?m a rolling thunder, a pouring rain I?m comin? on like a hurricane White lightning flashing, across the sky You?re only young, but you?re gonna die Ahhhh, won?t take no prisoners, won?t spare no lives Nobody?s putting up a fight I got the bell, I?m gonna take you to hell I?m gonna get you, satan get you Hell?s bells Yeah, hell?s bells You got me ringing hell?s bells My temperature?s high, hell?s bells I?ll give you black sensations up and down your spine If you?re into evil you?re a friend of mine See the white light flashing as I split the night ?cause if good?s on the left, then I?m stickin? to the right I won?t take no prisoners, won?t spare no lives Nobody?s puttin? up a fight I got the bell, I?m gonna take you to hell I?m gonna get you, satan get you Hell?s bells Yeah, hell?s bells You got me ringing hell?s bells My temperature?s high, hell?s bells Yeow Hell?s bells, satan?s callin' to you Hell?s bells, he?s ringing them now Hell?s bells, the temperature?s high Hell?s bells, across the sky Hell?s bells, they?re takin? you down Hell?s bells, they?re draggin? you around Hell?s bells, gonna split the night Hell?s bells, there?s no way to fight, yeah Ow, ow, ow, ow Hell?s bells
  16. Absolutely. It would look far more realistic than a rubber mask. Ken.
  17. Steins Clown White, Mehron's liquid black, and a good applicating brush. Ask your local theatrical place for a good setting powder. This is applied with a triangular sponge after the make up is in place, and keeps it in place. Apply the outlines of the black first, everything is symmetrical. Then add the white, edging it up to the black outlines. Then fill in the black areas. Hope this helps, Ken.
  18. The artist that performs that song is the late Israel Kamakawiwo Ole' . I think... If the song has a beautiful ukelele melody, it's the one. The full version drifts into a beautiful rendition of "What A Wonderful World" Hope this helps, Ken.
  19. Ronnie!!! DEEEEEEEEET-roit Michigan, Yeah! The HOME of Rock and Roll! Shame these guys don't know about the wonders of Drew and Mike, no? Take Care, my friend. Ken.
  20. I remember the Foo Fighters "Monkey Wrench". I bought it and was appalled there wasn't a thank-you on the album to the Ramones. That song was clearly a direct Ramones rip off. Be that as it may, my son was 4, maybe 5. Kids say, and sing what they hear. And there was Korey, "Don't wanna be your lucky friend....." And the most memorable musical event of the 1990's, was the 1996 reunion of the most powerful rock band on earth, Kiss. Ken.
  21. (Cackling wildly) I was in Paris last night, wanna see the video? Ken.
  22. I have Ace Frehley's guitar pick from when he and Peter were doing the "Bad Boy's of Rock" club tour. They were both so drunk that by the time it came for autographs, they were incoherent. Not exactly what I had imagined the meeting would go like whan I was a child. And up close and personal, without makeup, he had a face like a chewed boot... Ah well, It was still nice to have met him. I know he doesn't remember it... Ken.
  23. Gene Simmons is not interested in a makeover. Gene is interested in keeping his face in the media. Gene is so homophobic, it isn't funny. Someone should remind him his primary talent is that he is a bassist. Ken.
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