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  1. From Seger's :Live Bullet" album, "Heavy Music". AWESOME bass line........
  2. "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be" AC/DC And Peachy? That might be my favorite post of '06. Beauty job...
  3. He came from Alabama, He came from Galilee, he gave us Margaritaville, He gave us immortality. One thing's for sure, they both gave us the cure, for the things we can't seem to stomach. So Happy Birthday Jesus, and Jimmy Buffett. Ken.
  4. That was my intended meaning, Seeker. Thanks. Ken.
  5. This is awesome. Santa Bauer Ken.
  6. Roller Derby Queen Jim Croce Gonna tell you a story that you won't believe But I fell in love last Friday evenin' With a girl I saw, on a bar room t.v. screen Well I was just gettin' ready to get my hat. When she caught my eye and I put it back. And I ordered myself a couple 'o more shots and beers The night that I fell in love with a roller derby queen Round and round, oh round and round The meanest hunk 'o woman That anybody ever seen Down in the arena She was five foot six and two fifteen A bleached-blonde mama With a streak of mean She knew how to knuckle And she knew how to scuffle and fight And the roller derby, program said That she was built like a 'fridgerator with a head Her fans call her tuffy But all her buddies called her spike You know that I fell in love with a roller derby queen Round and round, oh round and round The meanest hunk o woman That anybody ever seen Down in the arena Round and round, go round and round Round and round, go round and round Round and round Well I could not help it But to fall in love With this heavy-duty woman I been, speakin' of Things looked kind of bad Until the day she skated into my life Well she might be nasty She might be fat But I never met a person Who would tell her that Shes my bleached blonde bomber My heavy handed Hackensack mama You know that I fell in love with a roller derby queen Round and round, oh round and round The meanest hunk o woman That anybody ever seen Down in the arena Round and round, go round and round Round and round, go round and round Round and round
  7. Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo The Southpark Gang We all know of Rudolph and his shiny nose And we all know Frosty who's made out of snow But all of those stories seem kind of... gay `Cause we all know who brightens up our hol-i-day Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo Small and brown he comes from you Sit on the toilet here he comes Squeeze him 'tween your festive buns A present from down below Spreading joy with a "Howdy-Ho!" He's seen the love inside of you `Cause he's a piece of poo Sometimes he's nutty Sometimes he's corny He can be brown or greenish brown (Mmmmhmmm!) But if you eat fiber on Christmas eve He might come to your town! Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo He loves me, I love you Therefore, vicariously he loves you! I can make a Mr. Hankey too! (Pffffft) Cartman: Well Kyle where is he? Kyle: Ehh .. He's coming! Stan: Come on dude, push! Kyle: Ehhhh... I'm Trying! Cartman: Wait, wait I can see his head! Kyle: Here he comes! [POP!] Mr. Hankey: Howdy Ho! I'm Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo Seasons Greetings to all of you! Let's sing songs and dance and play Now before I melt away. Here's a game I like to play Stick me in your mouth and try to say Howdy ho ho yum yum yum Christmas Time has come! Singers: Sometimes He's runny Sometimes he's firm Sometimes he practically water. Sometimes he hangs off the end of your *** And wont fall in the toilet 'Cause he's just clinging to your sphincter And he wont drop off .. and so you shake your *** around And try to get it to drop in the toilet and finally it does............. (ahem) Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo When Christmas leaves he must leave too. Flush him down but he's never gone His smell and his spirit lin-ger on. Howdy Ho!
  8. In no particular order... The Hunt For Red October The Blues Brothers O Brother Where Art Thou? The Shawshank Redemption The Silence Of The Lambs
  9. All summed up in 5 little words. I agree, wholeheartedly.
  10. Real cool Where is the 2006 version of this? Radiating cool Present day cool Ronnie Spector was hhhhhhhhot while cool. Cool on a midnight train
  11. Country Bob and the Blood Farmers "Bowl Full Of Noses" Big Stick "Drag Racing" (consider the legendary lyric:"...In the summer I wear my tube top and Eddie takes me to the drag strip..." Gordon Lightfoot "Blackberry Wine" Rob Zombie "Living Dead Girl" The Cramps "Human Fly" "Garbage Man" "Like A Bad Girl Should" "Bikini Girls with Machine Guns" Devo "Jocko Homo" "Mongoloid" "Space Junk" Klaus Nomi "Total Eclipse" Dead Kennedys "Bleed For Me" John Otway "Cheryl's Going Home" Gary Numan "Down In The Park"
  12. (ahem), pass the peanuts, Michael....
  13. Yeah, true, but in reality, why would you drag along trunks and trunks worth of stuff when say, the boat leaves at 1 and you are supposed to be back at 4?
  14. If they were originally only going out for a three hour tour, why's the Howell's have all that stuff with them? I know, it's a random television thing. But still......
  15. I could listen to Patsy Cline all night long. What an awesome voice.
  16. The almighty, double-bass weilding Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap.
  17. If guitars and voices could make love, it'd be something like this. Her slide guitar dilates my pupils and makes my breathing shallow.
  18. CeeCee, she nailed that song. Made it her own. I don't often like remakes, but wow. Goosebumps. I am glad you liked it. I own the DVD, but I think it is available for rent anywhere. Here is a trailer for this wonderful film. If you love Motown, it is for you. And a wonderful gift idea for those in your circle that love Motown. Here is Joan Osbourne doing an awesome job of "Heatwave".
  19. I happened to wake up (with the television on) in the middle of the night to find this on and had to buy the DVD. I was tickled to find it on You Tube to share. The DVD is the best documentary I've ever seen. Ken.
  20. Presley - "Suspicious Minds" Orbison - "Pretty Woman" Denver "Country Roads" Cash "Folsom Prison Blues" Redding "Dock Of The Bay" Charles "I Can't Stop Loving You" Williams "Jambalaya" Arnold "Cattle Call" Cline "Crazy" Robinson "Tracks Of My Tears"
  21. This week's recipe: Ganja Cake by Chef Ras Cojo Brumbley First, Mon, we catch de fish. 'Den we clean de fish. Giving thanks to Jah, we smoke de fish.
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