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  1. Give me a p.o. box number and I'll send you a half-case to put on ice for you... Beer with commercials like This can't be all that bad. Ken.
  2. Ken

    El Paso City

    For my Grandfather, Herbie. Gone since 1995, and dear God I miss you tonight Gramp... El Paso City Marty Robbins From thirty thousand feet above the desert floor I see it there below A city with a legend, the West Texas city of El Paso Where long ago I heard a song about a Texas cowboy and a girl And a little place called Rosa's where he used to go and watch this beauty whirl I don't recall who sang the song but I recall a story that I heard And as I look down on this city I remember each and every word The singer sang about a jealous cowboy and the way he used a gun To kill another cowboy, then he had to leave El Paso on the run El Paso City By the Rio Grande The cowboy lived and rode away but love was strong he couldn't stay He rode back just to die in that El Paso sand El Paso City By the Rio Grande I try not to let you cross my mind but still I find There's such a mystery in the song that I don't understand My mind is down there somewhere as I fly above the badlands of New Mexico I can't explain why I should know the very trail he rode back to El Paso Can it be that man can disappear from life and live another time And does the mystery deepen 'cause you think that you yourself lived in that other time Somewhere in my deepest thoughts familiar scenes and memories unfold These wild and unexplained emotions that I've had so long, but I have never told Like everytime I fly up through the heavens and I see you there below I get the feeling sometime in another world I lived in El Paso El Paso City By the Rio Grande Could it be that I could be the cowboy in the mystery That died there in that desert sand so long ago El Paso City By the Rio Grande A voice tells me to go and seek, another voice keeps telling me Maybe death awaits me in El Paso
  3. Ken

    Jesus Christ

    The more I watch this, the more it makes sense, (less the Joe Pesci factor....) George Carlin On Religion. When it comes to the sun, I think he is spot-on.
  4. "Little Victories" Bob Seger.
  5. Please..... I've been a Kiss fan since 1976. You want to talk slagging, my self esteem is shot....
  6. I can think of Seventy thousand people that may have disagreed with you one night. People were singing along, I think we have the 'good music' base covered....
  7. Kiss..... sigh... There are no good bands, nor are there any bad bands. People get together, form a unit, write, record and produce music and it's up to the individual to buy it or leave it on the shelf. Some bands make it wildly popular (and Kiss did do this) and others make it for 10 minutes or so and blow away like last November's withered oak leaves (the eels, Wallis Bird, Nerve Rack, the Kooks etc.) I'm not saying that those bands are bad, just, they won't be around this time 5 years from now. Like Roxette back in the '80's. And while some might say that the older bands, Kiss, Eagles, et.al only make it on the nostalgia fact, they must have written some music that appealed to a lot of people. Nostalgia only goes so far. I don't know Paul Stanley personally and the media has a way of twisting statements and taking things out of context, but I interpret "We're sick and tired of seeing bands getting up on stage and not giving value for your buck." as "there is no one out there currently like Kiss that entertains their audience by burning your retnas and assaulting your ears and making a long lasting impression". And I'd agree with him, to a point. But to each, their own....
  8. I question the validity of Lisa Marie's claim. I've a recording of Bon (BBC Sessions?) and seconds prior to the song, he states "This one is about the biggest, fattest woman in Tasmania. A Tasmanian Devil... 'Called "Whole Lot Of Rosie" "
  9. Not ONE mention of Little Richard? How can someone with that kind of towering contribution have been missed?
  10. I don't believe there really is a "best", but here are two awesome guitarists wailing... Chuck Berry and Keith Richards "Oh Carol!" Really really good.
  11. O My God. Years, I have looked for this. This is THE funniest sketch ever on SNL. Get it now, it may not be available forever... Have Kleenex, you'll need it for your eyes... Bellisima!
  12. Amazed to find it..... Tyrone Green and his Reggae Band
  13. Sinead O'Connor performing 'War" I undertand this was oe of Nirvana's last performances, Rape Me U2 - Elevation Ashlee Simpson made a mess of it.. AC/DC BLASTS 30 Rockefeller
  14. I was happy to find this one.... Metallica on SNL, Fuel And Ulrich is vicious.....
  15. Paul Simon with Ladysmith Black Mambazo performing "Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes". I had goosebumps. The DVD collection "SNL - 25 Years of music" is chock-full of brilliant performances. Belushi doing an outstanding bang on Joe Cocker with Joe himself. REM performing "Losing My Religion" (Love Michael Stipe's paper suit), Talking Heads turning in a psychotic "Take Me To The River" (Tina Weymouth looks 'zoned on heroin), Rick James loaded on coke doing "Superfreak", Metallica turning in a vicious "Fuel". It contains Sinead O'Connor performing Bob Marley's "War" with an Irish twist, and Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf". Brilliant performances like Ray Charles "What'd I Say" and Billy Joel looking impossibly young doing "Only The Good Die Young". These are just some of the great moments. It's a 5 disc collection, one I pull out now and again and just let roll.
  16. From Canada's own Corky and the Juice Pigs. Hysterical......
  17. I picked up the DVD "Tom Petty - High Grass Dogs" at Costco of all places for like, ten bucks. I'd have paid 3X that much if I'd have known it was this good. WAY better in Surround on a larg(er) screen. Tom Petty & Bo Diddley "Mona" Opening "California"
  18. Enjoy. Hope to be there in '09. I could never get tired of this...
  19. To simply say Tina Turner is one thing, but hey, don't take my word for it... This is stunning.. Ike and Tina on the Midnight Special Some things cannot be copied...
  20. I agree with Bitter Almonds, Roy Orbison. An awesome voice....
  21. It's cheaper than Coca Cola there.....
  22. It's 5:00 somewhere.....
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