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  1. Great ! I drive a truck and every time the Beach Boys are on the radio it feels like summer time. I was stationed in Malaya during the sixties and I was in a demonstration team at the Jungle Warfare School and during one of our demos on how not to live in the jungle, we used to play a very loud Beach Boys number and whenever I hear it now it brings back such fantastic memories
  2. Hey have you heard Russell Watson do Volare? It's well worth a listen !
  3. You certainly did miss out some giants. How about Guy Mitchell and Tommy Steele?
  4. I forgot to ask when was Daydream written and released?
  5. I agree about Pink Floyd but as someone else said, it's all about what we each like. I am sure some out there dislikes Mary Black !
  6. I only registered with this site tonight and have already had a result ! Is that good or what?
  7. Thanks very much ! You have made my day. I didn't expect an answer so quick.
  8. Hi All, My son has asked me to find out about a song which includes the line 'Baby, I fell asleep among the flowers'. I remember it was played quite a bit on radio 2 last year. Can anyone help me?
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