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  1. Not only have u had a brilliant and ballsy idea of a concept album, BUT the concept of the album rocks, Very deep and very cool this is a kewl example of good writing aswell, sticking to the subject, and making sense but still making a lot of it very methodical, good job!! :guitar:
  2. Thank u very much kind sir!
  3. very nice man, and at the same time sobering and shocking I particullarly like the fact that a lot of it doesnt rhyme it kinda reminds me of Mmm Mmm Mmm by the crash test dummies, can anyone else see where im coing from on that point?
  4. I love the positive "[bleep] everyone if they dont like it" sentiments in this song man, Im sick to death of hearing people whinge about [bleep] in songs, whereas u choose to stand up for urself man, good for you!
  5. a little song i wrote when i was on a bus, i saw a bloke shopping for a headstone and for a moment my mind entered his and i felt an incredible sadness wash over me, ITs about dissilusienment and loss of all the good things in life from an early age to adulthood. Verse 1: There stands a broken man a bunch of lillys in his hand staring at the stone below letting all his sadness flow The worst feeling in this case is the look of sadness in his face his eyes they show the scars of life this constant and unending strife Chorus: Reach out before it is too late Dont let him fall, but dont isolate Stop him before he runs aground All he needs is his friends around Verse 2: Here lies a broken dream Caught up in lifes hopeless scheme snatched away by ruthles fate on friday of the 13th date dillusions of a boy as he outgrows his favrout toy the world becomes so cold and mean to this ever growing early teen Chorus: Reach out before it is too late Dont let him fall but dont isolate Cath him before he runs aground all he needs is his friends around And there lies a broken man The world has took him from his pram it tossed him round and made him old it cooled him down and made him cold It showed him how cruel life can be It told him what its like to bleed It dragged him up and let him go But now he doesnt want to KNOOOOOOOW!!! The End xx
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