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    The Jokes Thread - Relaunched

    A cop calls in to report a shooting on his radio: " It appears that an elderly woman shot her husband because he walked across the floor she just mopped" Captain: "Well did you arrest her?" Cop: "Not yet sir, the floor is still wet"
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    Another VH1 list

    VH1 recently made another list, this time a list with the 100 Most Metal moments. What it means to be the most metal, im not sure. I think it means represents heavy metal the best. Or maybe it means that they are the best moments of heavy metal. Anyways, heres the list. 100 Ozzy Osbourne shaves eyebrows off his sleeping bandmates. 99 Poison screen potential groupies with the aid of a video camera. 98 Faster Pussycat singer scratches crotch with fan's prosthetic arm. 97 Judas Priest replaces Rob Halford with tribute band singer. 96 Alice Cooper kills a chicken by throwing it into audience. 95 Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley is electrocuted onstage. 94 L7 singer throws her used tampon into the audience. 93 Guns N' Roses' Slash hires bodyguard to carry him home when he's drunk. 92 David Lee Roth hires midgets and female body builders as security team. 91 Stryper start oxymoronic Christian metal movement. 90 Faith No More's flopping fish flap. 89 Quiet Riot performs at Michigan nudist colony. 88 John Wayne Bobbit porno has cameos by metalheads Lemmy and Vince Neil. 87 King Kobra singer has sex change and goes from Mark to Marcie. 86 Jimmy Page replaces Robert Plant with Zep-clone David Coverdale. 85 Sam Kinison's "Wild Thing" video features appearances by metal's A-list. 84 Alice In Chains' Speedo water slide ride leaves little to the imagination. 83 Crazed Slayer fan carves logo in arm and makes it into band's album artwork. 82 Megadeth's Dave Mustaine talks smack in Ireland and needs armed escort out of country. 81 Def Leppard have mid-show sex parties underneath the drum riser. 80 Ted Nugent becomes legal guardian of his 17-year old girlfriend. 79 Ozzy Osbourne drug binge begets cat massacre. 78 Whitesnake cast Tawny Kitaen in video and create a metal super-vixen. 77 Marilyn Manson rubs his business on bouncer's head at show. 76 Devil statue that urinates Jack Daniels becomes a stage prop for David Lee Roth. 75 Mötley Crüe makes groupies pee in litter box to meet the band. 74 Aerosmith big mouth gets arrested for potty mouth. 73 Warrant's "Cherry Pie" video puts an end to subtle sexual metaphors. 72 Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx ODs, dies, gets revived, and ODs again. 71 Pantera singer's very own "House Of Shock" incurs Christian wrath. 70 Kiss markets coffins which double as beer coolers. 69 Mayhem embody black metal with suicide, homicide, and cannibalism. 68 The Plasmatics cause havoc on Tom Snyder's Tomorrow show. 67 Rage Against The Machine bassist arrested for climbing on VMA set mid-show. 66 Mötley Crüe meet the Canadian Mounties and lose porn. 65 Aerosmith's Steven Tyler casts daughter Liv as stripper in "Crazy" video. 64 Biohazard pull prank on Slayer involving stupid friend and feces. 63 Manowar set Guinness record as world's loudest band. 62 Guns N' Roses deliver profane, drunken acceptance speech at AMAs. 61 Bon Jovi's arrival signals birth of "Hair Metal." 60 Homeless man claims to be "down and out" Kiss drummer Peter Criss. 59 Septic truck driver becomes singer in Tesla. 58 L.A. Guns singer sits in salad and serves it to fans. 57 Pete Steel of Type O Negative reveals his metal in the pages of Playgirl. 56 Skid Row scores metal's first #1 debut on Billboard charts. 55 Sex tape featuring Poison's Bret Michaels and Pamela Anderson sex tape surfaces. 54 Metal horror flick Trick Or Treat features Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne. 53 Motörhead drummer freaks out on Absinthe and goes on hotel streaking spree. 52 Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx sets himself on fire in the name of showbiz. 51 Cynthia Plaster Caster starts casting the hammers of the rock gods. 50 Foo Fighter Dave Grohl pays homage to metal roots with Probot. 49 Led Zeppelin's John Bonham leaves stinky surprise in groupie's shoe. 48 Iron Butterfly drink too much and birth "In A Gadda Da Vida." 47 Metallica go after Napster and 317,377 copyright infringers. 46 Megadeth's Dave Mustaine feuds with MTV's Rikki Rachtman. 45 Gorgoroth defile Pope's hometown with sheep's blood and mock-crucifixions. 44 Def Leppard 's Joe Elliott gets burned on "Foolin'" video shoot. 43 Plasmatics' Wendy O. Williams engages in death defying stunts. 42 Beavis & Butthead's paternal lineage is revealed. 41 Anthrax trash a fan's house for MTV and appear on Married With Children 40 Ace Frehley, Kiss' spacey guitarist, claims intergalactic abuction. 39 Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee compete in stink and score fest. 38 Ozzy Osbourne pees on the Alamo in wife's dress. 37 W.A.S.P.'s Blackie Lawless sports exploding codpiece. 36 Marilyn Manson makes Satanic affiliations official. 35 Tenacious D pay tribute to Ronnie James Dio. 34 GWAR's bloody stage show gets them in trouble in Georgia. 33 Kiss put the make-up back on. 32 Poison guitarist C.C. Deville goes ballistic at the VMAs. 31 Mötley Crüe's Vince Neil challenges Axl Rose to boxing match on MTV. 30 Parents make Aerosmith's Steven Tyler guardian of 14-year old groupie. 29 Tipper Gore's P.M.R.C. tries to curb filthy rock lyrics. 28 David Lee Roth cuts head with sword but the show must go on. 27 The Decline of Western Civilization - Part II, The Metal Years. 26 Motörhead's Lemmy contributes to the delinquency of a minor reporter. 25 W.A.S.P. fans display affection by pelting band with meat. 24 Judas Priest dispels backwards masking myth. 23 Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page buys mansion of famed occultist Aleister Crowley. 22 L7 raffles off one-night stand with drummer. 21 Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee steers boat without his hands. 20 Van Halen awards roadies who guess the groupie of the night. 19 Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi, Metallica play Moscow Music Peace Festival. 18 Def Leppard offer obscene backstage passes. 17 W.A.S.P. guitarist gets hit by flying rump roast. 16 Heavy Metal Parking Lot documentary premieres. 15 Faster Pussycat drummer receives a special drug delivery. 14 Kiss' Gene Simmons, sleeps with over 4,600 women and has the pics to prove it. 13 Dokken guitar solo ignites actual volcanic eruption. 12 Axl Rose attacks fan at Guns N' Roses concert and starts one of many riots. 11 Poison revolutionize information maintenance systems with groupie database. 10 Def Leppard drummer loses arm but keeps rocking. 9 Led Zeppelin's mud shark incident. 8 Groupies rate rockers sex romps and sizes online. 7 Ozzy Osbourne and Nikki Sixx compete in gross-a-thon. 6 Judas Priest 's leather-clad ?Metal God? comes out of the closet. 5 Spinal Tap premieres. 4 Mötley Crüe release autobiography The Dirt. 3 Dio popularizes "Devil's horns," the universal hand-signal for heavy metal. 2 Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi sacrifices fingertips to create metal guitar sound. 1 "Hear N' Aid" benefit album unites metal nation for the good of all. Any complaints or praises about the list? I have 4. One, many of these aren't actually moments. Two, Probot at 50? Thats stupid. And also Metallica attacking napster, to me, doesn't seem like it really represents heavy metal. Neither does Tipper Gore.
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    Songs with scary sounding tunes

    The 2 songs I can think of that sound scary are "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins and "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin Does anybody think of any other songs like that?
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    This is one I started a couple months ago and finally got around to finishing. There you stand before me A vision in my head But why can I only see you When I?m lying in my bed In a flash, you disappear Bring me back to where I?ve been But when the lights go on, I open my eyes And lose you once again [Chorus] Sweet vision in my head You?re making me go insane Sweet vision in my head When will I see you again With eyes so soft and a smile so bright I?m in love with who you are Everything about you just seems so right But I don?t know who you are For some reason you seem so real Yet there?s nothing there at all My arms reach out to just hold on Into my dreams you start to fall [Repeat chorus] I don?t understand what is real Or what is just a dream You visit me in my sleep It feels so close to me Sweet vision in my head You?re making me go insane Sweet vision in my head You feel so real to me Sweet vision in my head You?re making me go insane Sweet vision in my head When will I see you again
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    Songfactors Football 2015

    Lucky and I are ok with the Sunday date and time.
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    Songfactors Football 2015

    Hi, Kevin. I'm just off to work and I've forgotten my yahoo email account name. I'll send it to you after work this evening. I'm devastated. My beloved Packers have probably lost Jordy Nelson for the season. Grrrr!!
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    Songfactors Football 2015

    Choo Choo is in.
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    Songfactors Football 2015

    Hi guys, how is everybody? I am in...... woops, except I'm not. I can't figure out where to join either, even going through the link. I'm in another Yahoo league and we joined via email invite. Maybe there is another link?
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    Songfactors Football 2015

    Lucky and I will play this year. She'll come on and confirm later on today.
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    Songfactors Football 2015

    Sounds good.
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    Songfactors Football 2015

    Thanks, Kenne. So... we still only have 6 it looks like, so far. I'll set something up now that the weekend is here and I have the time. We can discuss whether or not we want to proceed in the meantime. When exactly does the season start- first game- because we need to be decided and drafted before that point for sure. Anyone know offhand? I hate missing the first week if it isn't necessary.
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    Wyld Card

    Songfactors Football 2015

    I posted a message about this league on Facebook and Rocky said he's too busy this year. The problem with ESPN is the auto draft (if you use that), in one league it gave me 2 kickers with the same BYE and only one QB, in the last round. I'm known to take a great QB with my first pick, so that really didn't go over well for me.
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    New Boards!

    OK, we've live with the new boards. There are still some rebuilds going on and some settings we're tweaking, so not everything will work right away. As for the emojis, we're working on those - some of our animated favorites don't play well with modern technology, so we'll need to find alternatives.   Lots of nice features on these forums - note that if you're using a phone or tablet, they should accommodate.
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    Songfactors Football 2015

    I hate the NFL anymore! Goodell has turned it into a p*ssy's game! I'm in.
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    Songfactors Football 2015

    I'm definitely interested. Check out espn's fantasy leagues, Kevin. I belong to several leagues in both Yahoo and ESPN, and I find ESPN's leagues more user friendly. Just a thought.
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    Wyld Card

    Songfactors Football 2015

    I'm definitely in
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    So much more than Random Thoughts

    Yeah, Jenny. I lost 4000. No biggie, though cuz now it doesn't look like I was posting a whole lotta nothing! LOL
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    Name Something

    "Baby Got Back" Name the stage name you would use if you were in a successful punk rock band.
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    Random Sports and Sport Talk

    Tell me you did not think I was serious about Gingras. Honestly, my favourite Quebec born player is "The Roadrunner" and IMO, The Rocket is the greatest Montreal Canadiens player of all time. I think the Rangers or Habs will make it to the finals from the east.
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    The Who kicked off the North American portion of its 50th anniversary tour tonight in Tampa, Florida. The British rock legends actually have two separate stateside legs scheduled for this year, with the first winding down May 30 in Forest Hills, New York, and the second running from a September 14 concert in San Diego through a November 4 show in Philadelphia. The trek, which has been dubbed The Who Hits 50! tour, is being viewed by some as “a nostalgia trip,” with the band looking back at its long history by playing a bevy of its classic songs, as well as a few select rarities. At a recent press event, The Who’s two surviving founding members, singer Roger Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townshend, had slightly differing views on how to characterize the tour. Daltrey agreed that the trek was “a nostalgia trip,” noting that when the band’s plays its old songs, it brings fans “back to the time when [they] first heard them.” He added, “I kind of accept all that now, and I’m very happy with the fact that we’ve been around this long, and can still do it and still do it well.” As for Townshend, he said he views the outing more as a multigenerational celebration, and not just simply a commemoration of the group hitting the half-century mark. Explained Pete, “It’s a celebration of the fact that when people gather together to be in the company of a band and their music, they’re celebrating not only their own experience but, you know, sometimes too this will be a grandfather who brings his son and his son’s wife and their children.” Townshend also maintained that he finds it “very poignant” that he and Daltrey are still performing together after so many years, while adding with a laugh, “On the other hand, it’s also a bit sad…You would have thought we’d find something better to do by now.” Speaking about what kind of set list fans can expect from the concerts, Daltrey noted, “We’re not gonna get away with not playing ‘Baba O’Riley.’ We’re not gonna get away without playing ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ and those ones. But it will be nice to do songs that we haven’t done.” Townshend added that tour will give them “the chance maybe to do a few things that are a bit different or a bit new, or we shall see.” Since The Who launched its 50th anniversary tour with a U.K. leg last November, the shows have indeed included some relatively obscure songs, such as the mini opera “A Quick One (While He’s Away),” “Slip Kid,” “So Sad About Us,” “The Seeker” and “Pictures of Lily.” American fans also likely will be treated to a few interesting gems. Both Daltrey and Townshend have insisted that The Who Hits 50! Tour will be the last major trek the band will do, although no final show has been scheduled yet. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are serving as the opening act for nearly all of The Who’s 2015 North American concerts. Here’s a full list of the band’s stateside dates: Leg One 4/15 — Tampa, FL, Amalie Arena 4/17 — Miami, FL, AmericanAirlines Arena 4/19 — Jacksonville, FL, Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena 4/21 — Raleigh, NC, PNC Arena 4/23 — Duluth, GA, The Arena at Gwinnett Center 4/25 — New Orleans, LA, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival* 4/27 — Austin, TX, Frank Erwin Center 4/29 — Houston, TX, Toyota Center 5/2 — Dallas, TX, American Airlines Center 5/5 — Kansas City, MO, Sprint Center 5/7 — St. Louis, MO, Scottrade Center 5/9 — Louisville, KY, KFC Yum! Arena 5/11 — Nashville, TN, Bridgestone Arena 5/13 — Rosemont, IL, Allstate Arena 5/15 — Columbus, OH, Nationwide Arena 5/17 — Philadelphia, PA, Wells Fargo Center 5/20 — Uniondale, NY, Nassau Coliseum 5/22 — Atlantic City, NJ, Boardwalk Hall 5/24 — Uncasville, CT, Mohegan Sun Arena 5/26 — Brooklyn, NY, Barclays Center 5/30 — Forest Hills, NY, Forest Hills Stadium Leg Two 9/14 — San Diego, CA, Valley View Casino Center 9/16 — Anaheim, CA, Honda Center 9/19 — Las Vegas, NV, Colosseum at Caesars Palace* 9/21 — Los Angeles, CA, STAPLES Center 9/23 — Oakland, CA, Oracle Arena 9/25 — Portland, OR, Moda Center 9/27 — Seattle, WA, KeyArena 9/29 — Vancouver, BC, Canada, Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena 10/1 — Calgary, AB, Canada, Scotiabank Saddledome 10/3 — Edmonton, AB, Canada, Rexall Place 10/6 — Saskatoon, SK, Canada, SaskTel Centre 10/8 — Winnipeg, MB, Canada, MTS Centre 10/10 — Minneapolis, MN, Target Center 10/13 — Milwaukee, WI, BMO Harris Bradley Center 10/15 — Chicago, IL, United Center 10/17 — Detroit, MI, Joe Louis Arena 10/19 — Toronto, ON, Canada, Air Canada Centre 10/21 — Toronto, ON, Canada, Air Canada Centre 10/23 — Pittsburgh, PA, CONSOL Energy Center 10/25 — Newark, NJ, Prudential Center 10/27 — New York, NY, Madison Square Garden 10/29 — Boston, MA, TD Garden 11/1 — Washington, D.C., Verizon Center 11/4 — Philadelphia, PA, Wells Fargo Center * = Joan Jett & the Blackhearts will not perform at this show.
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    Sweet Jane 61

    Who Am I?

    Who Am I? A face in the mirror is it familiar I don't know tired eyes looking at me shadowing my soul Paled skin drawn can it be mine surely it's not years past diminished softness besprinkled with spots Multiple strands of grey when did this happen where was I dullness surfaces aging gracefully a romantic lie
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    ***Please read this before posting here***

    We know how hard it is to get published, here's an outlet for your writing skills. Tell a story, fact or fiction, at least a paragraph long about anything: music, your dog, your summer vacation. If you would like to give feedback or comment on a submission, please restrict your post to constructive criticism and/or praise. (In other words, be nice. This is intended to be a safe outlet.) Forum Rules Apply
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    She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 One of the superb songs of this generation.
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    Another VH1 list

    What's that all about?
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    Another VH1 list

    It seems like alot of these aren't really the best moments of metal, just some of the most memorable. I think that the thing or Tony Iommi's bottle cap fingers should be the number 1. I also think that Inna-Gadda-Davida should be MUCH higher. IMO, that was the first real heavy metal song.