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  2. Random Music Thoughts V

    As the answer to today's Tuesday Trivia, here's a Got Milk? triptych.
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  4. This trailer was recently posted for an upcoming film called Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now: Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970. In these days, you could walk on stage, play some congas and get away with it for a while, which is what one guy did during Mitchell's set. When she told him to leave, he grabbed the mic and did a rant about the consumerist nature of the festival. Mitchell held her ground and let the audience know what she thought.
  5. C.B. Strike

    One of the interesting effects of Charter Hawaii's across the board digital upgrade has been to select Tier One (Silver) or Tier Two (Gold) Premium TV packages. Since "River Monsters" with Jeremy Wade on Animal Planet and Turner Classic Movies required an upgrade to Tier One, I signed on for way too many TV channels. (!) HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime are part of the Silver package and this J.K. Rowling series via BBC are notable. The three seasons/series just finished a "marathon" on Cinemax, and I'll admit to finding "C.B. Strike" at least as interesting as PBS' "Endeavour." Sorry, but finding complete episodes is something you will have to hunt down out there in the Dark Web.
  6. 1993 Hi-Vision Laserdisc

    "High Definition" and "Laserdisc" don't appear to go together, but Japan in the 1990's (or even now) wasn't the same as "the rest of the world." Submitted for your puzzlement, the next tier of movie clarity during the Videocassette Wars era. A link to Part Two, where "Techmoan" gets a "P5" follows.;) Part Two of "The Quest for the Hi-Vision Laserdisc" system
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  8. Eugene Jacques Bullard

    "History is dull, nothing but dead people and dates. History is Bunk!" Uh, no, History is a twice told tale of great-but-forgotten people, like the "reel hero" of "Flyboys," called "Eugene Skinner." This 5-10 minute series of people, places, and animals will change your opinion of "the rest of the story.";)
  9. "Blazing Saddles"

    Mel Brooks: "The movie that broke wind.";) James Earl Jones as The Sheriff!?
  10. "Lola"

    These are LBGT days, so here's an interesting cover of The Kinks' "Lola" that certainly makes the grade.;)
  11. $ony Wireless Speaker

    When you visit your folks DO THEY HAVE THE TV VOLUME SET AT 100? Fear not, you and their neighbors need not be subjected sonic assault any more. If you don't mind importing this Sony Wireless Speaker from the UK or Canada, problem solved. I. on the other hand, have aircraft of every description flying over the house at all times of the day or night at the 300m/1000ft minimum altitude, which can defeat everything but stereo headphones. Since I have a Bluetooth headphone, I'll look around for that kind of transmitter. (It beats having to turn on Closed Captioning and hoping that I can read fast enough to follow the action.:(
  12. The 1712 Overture

    Submitted for your (dis)approval, here is a major work by the least (talented) son of J.S. Bach. Instead of just listening to the "composition," watch as this large and talented orchestra "makes Spike Jones proud.";)
  13. "Are You Going With Me?"

    I know this song/tune as a Jazz/Pop instrumental jam until now. Vocalizations in Pat Metheny's works pop up now and then, but this one is perfect for Summer, be it a heat wave or after work at the dive of your choice.;) And now for something completely different. PDQ Bach: Pevertimento For Bagpipes, Bicycle and Balloons, S.66
  14. Berkeley Bounce

    Something cool abd breezy for the weekend, even if you're not going anywhere. listening to "Harry Walker" in the KBEX radio, doing the traffic report.
  15. "Duel"

    It's early July and time to hit the road, either to the beach, mountains, or Summer camp. Submitted for your approval, the scariest "road picture" that ever popped up on 1970's TV directed by some "Spielberg" dude. This heavy metal/road rage tale registered with me because this family of school teachers drove Mopars, specicially. Plymouth Valiants! I always wondered why the service station guy ignored the huge diesel tanks on the truck and focused on a mere domestic sedan. If that happened to me back then, I'd have driven off to another service station up or down the line. Get everything on the car checked/fixed before you hit the road, or this could be your fate!
  16. 1990's Sony Data Discman

    Submitted for your approval, "Techmoan" has found a treasure box of data for the early 19190's! Click on the link and you will find "a solution in search of a problem," that was met with "Meh" whem it arrived in the U.S. in 1992. Europe also found it underwhelming, and it returned to Japan. Warning: There be Puppets at the end of "all the serious stuff.";)
  17. Red Rubber Ball

    The heat wave is here now. This fits the bill for the sweltering soundtrack.
  18. Song/Video of the day

    You surely remember his "Hello" video, but check out Lionel's "Running With The Night," where he crashes a white wedding.
  19. Salvation, season 2

    A killer asteroid is headed to Earth, and we're fresh out of hard rock miners and space shuttles. Is it time for the Nukes or something else? It's the end of the world as we know it...
  20. Restless

    Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel perform a lively version of "Restless," associated with Alison Krauss & Union Station. Don't these hot Summer nights leave you a tad restless?;)
  21. Red Rubber Ball

    It's officially Summer time! Submitted for your approval, a song I've associated with "Summer" ever since I heard it played on the radio. It's been "96 degrees in the shade" locally due to light/no winds earlier this week, but the trade winds are back, and Summer is cool again. I wonder if I should contrast "Red Rubber Ball" with "Summer (The First Time)"? Is it "The Summer of '42"?
  22. Hello again, it's "Decrepit Tech Theater," courtesy of the master of ages. "Techmoan." Do you remember the 1990's? Then you'll fondly remember the Advanced Photo System of that period! No? Submitted for your approval, the ups and downs of the APS system, that had the misfoortune of appearing on the market just before digital. I recall hearing about this, but I was still using Ye Olde 24X36mm-based film camera. How about you? Did these technical marvels of the 1990's "turn your head"? Epson ET 7700 Ecotank Scanner/Priner combo to create that "tactile holding-photographic-prints-in-hand" experience!
  23. Bluegrass "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

    The video is a little on the nose, but this is a great rendition.
  24. "Bob's Burgers" at the movies

    References to movies pop up in TV shows all the time, which run from subtle to "bang your head" obvious. Submitted for your approval, the many movie references to be found in "Bob's Burgers" over the years.;)
  25. Pete Seeger wrote it, The Byrds soared high with it, and here's an a capella + Bluegrass version from a movie. An interesting plus are the Spanish subtitles, in case you want to practice this song for a Karaoke session at "Cinco Hermanos Cantina.";)
  26. The Father's Day song

    I considered a number of Father's Day-themed songs, but this simple one made the cut. Just imagine what the house looks like after Junior channels "Dennis the Menace"! So what was #2? "Outfit" by Drive-By Truckers
  27. The Warsaw Concerto

    Submitted for your approval, an old piece of music that has transcended the World War II movie from which it came. Film buffs might remember "Dangerous Moonlight," but the powerful opening of the "Warsaw Concerto" thunders into the sky.
  28. A long time ago (The 1950's) there was a music class for elementary school that featured songs like "Columbia, Gem of the Ocean." One song was a perennial fave of the music teacher, and I recall seeing that it was a Sicilian folk song. The opening line ran something like this: "Come out when the moon is full and the wind is fair, come out into the open air." The song was almost like the German song, "The Happy Wanderer," speaking of walking hither and yon, singing and dancing all the way. Sorry, I don't remember the Italian title, and online lyric searches have led nowhere. It's almost as if I imagined the whole thing, but one can't forget: "Columbia, the gem of the ocean" back just before Sputnik and just after the original Mikey Mouse Club on TV. How's this for a musical mystery? I ran the English lyrics through Google! translate and here's what popped up: esci quando la luna è piena e il vento è giusto, vieni fuori all'aria aperta Or ia it more like "the moon ois full..."? vieni fuori la luna è piena e il vento è giusto, vieni fuori all'aria aperta
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