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  2. I've heard of/read about the 1911 revolution that ended the rule of the Manchu dynasty, but the details weren't readily available. This centennial year movie about "Double Ten Day" sheds quite a bit of light on the struggle to change China's future. I saw an English dubbed version, but that's like watching a Hong Kong Kung Fu movie. This Chinese language original has English subtitles and is the complete tale with Dr. Sun Yat Sen trying to hold the factions together in the wake of the 10 October, 1911 uprising and revolution.
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  4. My "usual suspects," Brit boffin "Techmoan" and weird American electronics guy "VWestlife" haven't posted new videos in a while. So, submitted for your approval, a top notch producer of interesting historical videos, Dr.Mark Felton is here to recall the opening shot of The Cold War. What makes his videos great are the breadth and depth of these short (5-10 minute) looks at The Past. Are you ready to visit the "heap of rubble" that was Berlin in the Summer of 1948? Let's fly into Tempelhof airport with "The Candy Bomber."
  5. Turner Classic Movies is on a roll this week, with movies about India and China. Today, two works of Indian cinema, "Pather Panchi" (1955) and "The River" (1951) are "in the DVR queue." Tomorrow, on Silent and Foreign Film Sunday, are two Chinese films. "Unknown Pleasures" (2003) and "The World" (1991). There is a Spanish subtitled version of "Pather Panchi," but presented for your approval is Jean Renoir's "Le Fleuver." Visit scenic Bengal, just after the end of the British Raj. Life flows by at the speed of the river, as a year in the life unspools...
  6. The Holiday Spendy Season is approaching. Here's a tale of someone chronically short of cash, just to remind you to "keep holiday spending under control."
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  8. I'm afraid I have some homework for you, Laurie... https://www.lyrics.com/lyrics/morning
  9. Submitted for your approval, an RPG about a robot-like character that has been dumped out of the city. Starting in the refuse heap, our "non-speaking" protagonist must solve puzzles and use logic to get back into the city, rescue another, and beat the occupying gang that runs the city. How's that for a change-of-pace/genre game?
  10. Submitted for your approval, an iteration of a unfamiliar (to me) game about an alternative future, long after a nuclear war has left pockets of humanity scattered across a "Road Warrior" world. Nothing like starting a game that's been going on for years, kinda like starting "Game of Thrones" in the last season with no idea of "who/what/when/where/why" is going on. Time to explore a "Twelve Monkeys"-like city scape... What is "Fallout"?
  11. The song is likely, "Cocaine Blues". Sadly, like the "House of the Rising Sun" finding any particular (old) version will be challenging. I have an old album (vinyl) which was a 'cut-out' version, but this was also a mess because Dave Mason's picture is on the front, but the rear is for something/someone entirely different (which is what the actual record was). One of the tracks lyrics went something like: "Me and my baby are goin' downtown, looking for a little something to bring us down. Cocaine, running all 'round my brain. You take Bealle Street, I'll take Main......."
  12. There was a song that was featured in a commercial. I couldn't find it in the songs used in commercials' list. I know there is a bell sound that sings three to four times at the beginning of the tune. Then the artist starts to sing "Hello, my darling." Also, there is a woman or women that trills la la la laaaa. The musician sounds like Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, but I am unsure. Does anyone know the name of the song and artist?
  13. Hey Jim, think I can help you. It should be from 1997 finest Italo-Pop. Singer „Regina“ title „Day by Day“. If it’s correct enjoy to dance on it again after 17 years. Greetings from Germany, Dirk
  14. Great! glad I could help!...good song!
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  16. Do you have LPs that may hold Satanic messages if played backward? If so, this is the turntable for you! Step right up and beat back Satan as you screen your young-un's LP collection! Ain't technology wunnerful? Seriously, though, "auto reverse" in this case means "plays both sides of the LP." ("Techmoan" would never steer you wrong, right?) A "Techmoan" video is usually a fresh look at decrepit, er, old tech. Indeed, our Brit Tech Master has something to say about the elusive/legendary/Audiophiles only "Laser turntable." Does this 1985 Sansui "auto reverse" turntable cut the mustard? Stay tuned for the "thrilling conclusion."
  17. Otokichi


    Speaking of "first person shooters," here's a trip through the Old West for those who "hanker for revenge" after the bad guys "drygulch" you. I looked at this game, but I passed on it for "space battles." (Just what "Sheriff Woody" feared/hated when "Buzz Lightyear" of "Toy Story" sashayed into theaters.) Git your trusty Colt Single Action Army revolver ready, you're gonna need it...
  18. Otokichi


    I recall hearing about the game, but I preferred "Indiana Jones"/"Their Finest Hour"/"Sam and Max" over this deep dive into a fantasy world. These days, "video games" are "first person shooters" or "bad boy with a car" action-above-discovery tales. Ready to find out what's wrong in this world?, saunter forward, if you dare...
  19. Submitted for your approval, the tale of a small town girl/prom queen who left for The Big City. Life in the fast lane isn't working out for her, and a chance announcement from back home triggers a fateful quest. Some adults don't grow up, and "Wendy" is just as capable of "I won't grow up!" as "Peter Pan."
  20. Ein, Zwei, Drei, Bier! It's time to learn "The Chicken Dance" that Fry and Leela (eventually) danced in "Futurama's" season 9, episode 8, "Fun on a Bum." (Here's an excuse to "get hammered " at an Oktoberfest barf-o-rama.;)
  21. Submitted for your approval, a 'Ukulele instrumentalist presents a "Lord of the Rings"-level war theme. Shredded 'Ukulele, anyone? This week, "Hi Sessions" had other virtuosos on tap. Aidan James - "Don't" Jeremt Cheng - "Brown Sugar"
  22. This is actually pretty cool. Back then, anything "laser" sounded state-of-the-art.
  23. Built to Spill - You were right https://youtu.be/IhNPeiy-MeU
  24. Step right up folks, see this miracle of the age! Hot from "Techmoan," here's a "Laser" light projector to enliven your parties after dark. Yessir, similar merchandise was sold at The Sharper Image for $200, but we're putting into your hands for less than that! How many do you want for Holiday season gift giving? Is it "I'll take eight," which is Dr. Zoiberg;s line? Here is something that will light up the Internet when your friends get it for Christmas! (Sorry, no puppets.)
  25. Friends. Some dependable, with the right work or action to brighten up your day. Then, there's the problem friend, who you might have known all your life, who has a challenging life. Do you have a "Roger" in your life?
  26. Did you ever wonder where the song, "Forever Autumn" came from? Here's a tale spun by Justin Hayward on this "Fall love song/lament."
  27. Submitted for your approval, a digital music player! You remember those, don't you, "iPod" and all that? "The Smartphone can do EVERYTHING, so why do I need this thing?" As one of the "Moan Family" puppets will say: Some things are better left Separate. (Yes, they're Back!) Find out what nefarious uses "Techmoan" puts to this Sega Saturn Edition, which will handle most of the disparate digital audio file formats on the Interweb. Did you know that Sony dares to celebrate Ye Olde Walkman? Enter if you dare...
  28. Features of SD-WAN Features of SD-WAN SD-WANs are still relatively new to the market but has revolutionized the enterprise computing environment completely. Traditional networks in enterprises today are comprised of legacy equipment that has lifespans of a decade before a tech refresh occurs. They are configured in such a way where there is little to no flexibility in how data traverses the network due to the limitation of switching of routing technology of this architecture. Over 80 percent of internet traffic is often backhauled because there is no mechanism in place for interruptions in service. The inflexible nature of the legacy architecture is no longer feasible to utilize in today’s more open environment.
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