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  2. Submitted for your approval, an offbeat but serious take on Veteran's Day from..."WKRP in Cincinnati"!? Les Nessman is concerned about the "helicopter gap' that WPIG has over WKRP, and signs on a crop duster pilot for the morning traffic report. On Veteran's Day, Buddy the crop duster pilot reveals that he has a plan to honor veterans like himself. With a terrified news director in tow, WKRP makes aviation history...
  3. Submitted for your approval, a version of "Hallelujah" for Vetersns...
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  5. Have you ever wondered why the Vinyl(ite) record world is divided into 33 1/3 and 45 RPM disks? Fear not, "Techmoan" takes us on a "Wayback machine" journey to 1949, when...well, you'll have to find out for yourself. Submitted for your approval, Columbia/CBS Records announces, RCA Victor grouses, and Philco cleans up like gangbusters, in a tale of THREE record disk speeds! No Shellac bugs were hurt during the production of this video...which lacks Puppets!
  6. Submitted for your approval, a song about now and tomorrow. Have an interesting weekend.
  7. Submitted for your approval, World War II from the Axis side. A disparate group of German soldiers are facing encirclement and death at the hands of vengeful Russians. The commander of the group is wounded and is taken from the Eastern to the Western front. There is a romance figuring in this tale, before the June 6, 1944 Allied landings, which threaten to wipe out the film's principal characters. Both the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have judged the film "less than watchable," so you will have to render your own judgment on this Indie war movie. (Now I have to find a World War I movie for "Armistice Day.")
  8. I know your expertise on this. I must say we should have an online discussion on this. Writing only comments will close the discussion straight away! And will restrict the benefits from this information. run 3
  9. It is rare to see such as the post. I am glad to visit your site. Thanks for sharing the informative information through the article. and all the details are awesome and good in this post. t rex game
  10. Submitted for your approval, an "overly enthusiastic Irish gamer" tries out a "rat with wings," the Urban Pigeon. The company that created this simulator also have "I Am Bread" and "I Am Fish" simulations that are alternately hilarious and dramatic, depending on how quickly you finish a task. (What kind of task does "Bread" have? What kind of task imperils a Goldfish in a glass bowl/aquarium?) Have fun decorating the city and hatching the next generation of despoilers!
  11. I was looking at random YouTube videos and this full length/letterboxed movie appeared as a suggestion. Submitted for your approval, the reel West's laziest gunfighter.
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  13. Submitted for your approval, a "Hertz rending" problem for UK Boffin, "Techmoan." The UK runs on 230V, 50Hz line power, while the U.S. and Japan run on 100-115V, 60Hz, which becomes a problem for "Techmoan" when he imports interesting/unique/decrepit tech. What to do? How about a battery-powered voltage inverter? It's a "humdinger" for "Techmoan" and this time, The Puppets Are Back!;)
  14. Graham Norton shows up on BBC America on Friday evenings for jokes, talks, funny asides, and a musical guest. When the local Spectrum cable TV digital-or-nothing upgrade arrived last year, I began looking at this variety show. (If I couldn't find something interesting on YouTube or TCM, that is.;) I didn't check check for a "Big Red Chair" spot at the end, but see if somebody gets dumped!
  15. Halloween horrors have passed and November has arrived. Is there something or someone that you'd like to come back? Here's the original Kapena "front three" asking an eternal question...
  16. Part 1/2 of Adventure Games by "PushingUpRoses" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQrwR_7SNNo&t=134s Part 2 (Plus Dynamix games) Submitted for your approval, suggestions for more than 11 PC adventure games of the 1990's. From "Whodunit?" to "Can you do it?" games across time and space...
  17. Like most artists, blink-182 have been rather cryptic about telling people what the song is about. Guitarist/vocalist, Tom DeLonge, said that the song was about vulnerability and being a guy trying to tell a girl that he loves her. Part of bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus' verse—the Nightmare Before Christmas line—is actually from drummer, Travis Barker. "We can live like Jack and Sally if we want." A haunting refrain about a loving couple living in a sinister world. One could be forgiven for wondering what demons Travis Barker was wrestling with at the time.The song's more about the vulnerability and kind of heart-wrenching pain you feel when you're in love and when you're a guy and you're trying to tell a girl, 'Don't waste your time coming and talking to me because, in my head at least, you probably already gave me up a long time ago. — Tom DeLonge (former blink-182 Guitarist/Vocalist)
  18. There was a song titled (I think) Boys and Girls somewhere between 1992 Nd 2002 by a group which had the lyrics along the lines of... Boys and Girls. We run the whole damn world... ... boys and boys and boys and girls... Does anyone remember such a song, and who the Group were?
  19. Submitted for your approval, a cheese sandwich! This culinary gem from "Techmoan's" kitchen is...hold on there, this is about electronics, not Food! Ahem, submitted for your approval, the Gixie clock, which simulates a "Nixie tube" display and comes in various colors. "For how long?" You cheeky plonker! What does it matter if this Chinese "appliance" is poorly built, displays substandard quality control, and raises the ire of "Techmoan"? You've just gotta see how this...thing disappoints in so many ways.
  20. Jazz instrumentalists "paint pictures with songs or tunes" instead of words. This suggestion popped up on YouTube and I followed the link to see if there were dancers on stage. Submitted for your approval, a performance that will set your feet in motion as if it were still Summer. Warning! This music may be too stimulating for Halloween.;)
  21. It's the weekend before Halloween, and TV is full of the usual suspects. (Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves, Zombies, big business folk;) In keeping with the season, here's an ethereal performance from a local band... Streetlight Cadence: "Thinking of You" Justin Young - "Until the Morning"
  22. Are you a "great developer" of "backwater planets"? Can you build a modern/automated industrial complex from "nearly nothing"? Welcome, "Fycsyt Inc." pioneer, the world is yours to re-engineer for this "Weyland-Yutani" sort of company. Deconstruct/construct/mine/compost/manufacture to your hearts content, there aren't any pesky alien natives to stop you.
  23. Have you ever wondered what's in the burger of the day at "Bob's Burgers"? Can you figure out which one it is from a multiple choice list? Prepare to outguess the FBE panel as they take on "Bob's Burger of the Day"!
  24. not my style; i like elvis, but what this band does has been done, imo
  25. Black Velvet is also a booze drink. The song Black Velvet also mentions White Lightning, a booze drink
  26. Hello! Anybody knows this band? It's have awesome songs! What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWk7QOAbU8Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYGCkbr3RU0
  27. Somewhere, some time, when you least expect it, a goose will come up and "Honk!" at you. What can you do with "your very own goose"? Here is a play through for "kids of all ages," controlling a very wild animal as it explores the virtual world around it. This is how I found out about the game... "The Bad Goose" goes on a rampage! The Evil/Murderous Goose?
  28. Submitted for your approval, hear the latest "article of interest" read in "audio book" style on Compact Cassette. Here's the latest from "Techmoan" who reveals a health issue that may make him a client of such services. Nevertheless, take a look/listen at a fascinating method of getting around the "dead tree" debate and how a tape can be played for six hours at a stretch.
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