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  2. Otokichi

    "Sadako vs. Kayako" (2016)

    This "Freddie vs. Jason"-type movie was mentioned in a discussion thread at The Movie Database. Submitted for your approval, two Japanese Horror franchises meet in a battle for supremacy over "the real world." On the West side, "Sadako," the well-dwelling wraith first seen on a cursed videotape. On the East side, "Kayako," a "cursed house"-dweller who welcomes you to Oblivion. Which of these malevolent modern day demons will prevail? Approach at your own peril. You Have Been Warned!
  3. Otokichi

    "Juon" (The Grudge)

    This 2002 original "JuOn" has the look and feel of the 2004 remake and starts off with the "Rika" segment. Here we see the original crime and get a bit more cultural context on the how and why of "haunts of the troubled/resentful/soul sucking demons" in Japanese folk tales. So, come Halloween night, STAY OUT OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE! Or you too may find yourself "far from safe and warm reality."
  4. Otokichi

    "Ju-on" (The Grudge)

    I just saw the 2004 made-in-Japan-with-U.S.-actors version, which was...unsettling due to it's non-linear track. Here is the (English subtitled) 2000 original ("Toshio") for those who think nothing of going "where angels fear to tread," only to disappear forever. The black cat (Kuro Neko) is a fixture of Japanese folk tales, especially in the Horror genre. Welcome to the house, the people (and things) there are waiting to assist you on your trip to Oblivion...
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  7. Submitted for your approval, a Smurf-sized "Leadworks Mini Wurlitzer Jukebox" that plays tiny "8-track tapes." It's Thursday afternoon, and I haven't found a "Techmoan" video so far. Instead, here's a "Databits" video about a 1980's "adult toy" that plays endless loop tape cassettes of ONE song, then shuts down. There's yet another "discarded tech" machine in this video, along with links to other items "Databits" has found/fixed/modified over the years. Don't forget to put a coin in the "Wurlitzer," or the "Smurf Jukebox" won't play!
  8. Otokichi

    "Word Crimes'

    I read that "Weird Al" Yankovic achieved something that "bonafide musicians" haven't gotten...yet. Yep. "Mr. Polka Face" has been inducted into the "rock 'n roll hall of fame," which is surprising and depressing at the same time. Getting back to the subject, I can't think of too many "song videos" that get this visual about a subject. (I'll have to look for Robin Thicke's "Rapey" original...whenever I recover from this "in your face" English grammar lesson.;)
  9. Otokichi

    What you can do with old pallets

    That "wooden wallpaper" look reminds me of Mary Padian of "Storage Wars" does/did with old furniture/falling-apart clothes dressers/discarded lumber. Great eye, interesting design, and an example of "upscaling"(?) existing materials.;)
  10. Larryweedman@gmail.com

    Did Bob Marley ever sing "Don't Worry Be Happy"?

    Ok first of all Bob Marley did sing ( don't worry ) but the writer and original singer was Bobby mcferrin. Don't Worry Be Happy https://g.co/kgs/68YG1M , Bob Marley singing the song b4 he rec it get smarter people not dumb
  11. Brought a bunch home, sanded them down, stained them, screwed them to the wall. https://ibb.co/CtV8cxb https://ibb.co/c2hz8J1 Just old pallets from work.
  12. Carl

    Song/Video of the day

    Rickie Lee Jones covers America in a video where he re-creates her classic looks:
  13. Carl

    Bagpipe not an alto sax

    Gotta admit that never crossed my mind (hard to imaging that song without a saxophone), but bagpipes could definitely work. Certainly appropriate.
  14. Otokichi

    "Goodbye Pork Pie" (1981)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plajOdoBOgs&t=110s I was looking over 2018's "Better Start Running" movie, when I noticed some similarities between this film and "Pork Pie/Joyride," a (somewhat) big budget remake of "Goodbye Pork Pie." Both Kiwi films are more interesting than the "on-the-run-while-visiting-roadside-attractions" film. but these three movies start "in your face," then become more interesting as the story unfolds. Here is the Indie original to the "running-from-the-law-across-the-country" road movie. Start it up, step on the throttle, and don't stop for anyone/anything!;)
  15. John Terry Poole

    Bagpipe not an alto sax

    From the moment I first heard BAKER STREET I felt a full out bagpipe should have been used not an alto sax. What better sound is there to enhance a brooding Scotsman's anguished and tormented thoughts?
  16. Wyld Card

    Word Association IV

    Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) - Deftones
  17. Wyld Card

    Celebrity Initials Game

    Cary Grant G.C.
  18. Wyld Card

    Music Lists A-Z

    Popular Artists of the 60's Archie Bell and The Drells Buffalo Springfield Creedence Clearwater Revival Doors Elvis Presley The Fugs G H Iron Butterfly Jefferson Airplane Kinks Led Zeppelin Mamas & the Papas, The Nyro, Laura Oliver Paul Revere and The Raiders Question Mark and the Mysterians Richie Havens Strawberry Alarm Clock T The United States of America Van Morrison Who, The X Yardbirds Zombies, The
  19. Otokichi

    Galloping Seahorses

    One 'Ukulele and one upright Bass. Take an instrumental journey to the sea...
  20. Found as a link on The Movie Database, this is a "fish out of water" tale. Set during the Iran-Iraq war, shell shocked Bashu is in the middle of a battlefield. Hiding in a dried up cornfield, he comes across a truck passing through this Hell of exploding shells and bombs. Stowing away, he is transported from danger to an exotic land where no one speaks his language, the customs and food are different, but no one is trying to kill him. Spooked by a tunnel blasting crew, he takes shelter in a "mouse hole." A woman and her children are tending to crops when the family dog finds him. Can the "dark boy" and this family bond?
  21. Otokichi

    Roberts 848X 8 Track deck

    What do you do with an 8 Track cartridge with a bad or missing pressure pad? Just load it up on the Roberts 848X and "push PLAY." Wait a second, don't 8 Track cartridges play automatically when you insert them into the unit? Not this 8 Track cartridge deck, it has a full set of controls usually found on a reel-to-reel or Compact Cassette player/deck. What's with those "Pause" and "Record" buttons? Press "PLAY" and you will be intrigued...
  22. Here's something that "Techmoan" missed, a (sorta) "floppy disc" format to play movies in the 1970's! It's from those West German boffins at Telefunkken, who apparently dug up technology from Thomas Edison's days and dragged it, kicking and screaming, into "the modern world." "Digibits" is an American version of "Techmoan," and, like some mad scientist, makes this decrepit, er, "ahead of it's time" tech back to life. Proceed at your own risk...
  23. Otokichi

    "Hologram Fan!"

    "Help me, Obi-Wan..." Oops, this isn't THAT advanced, just something to "mount on the wall high above curious fingers" to display the .GIF animation of your choice. (Doesn't it look just like "Techmoan's" intro spinner seen on his vlogs over the years?) This two-bladed LED display spins and projects "things that seem to hang in the air" for commercial display or Ye Olde conversation piece. This "affordable" (100 English pounds is affordable!?) device is a full color "Andy Warhol" movie-type display in your "Futurama" tech cave for that "World of 'Blade Runner" look.;)
  24. Otokichi

    "Passing Fancy" (1933)

    This was the first of a three film bundle at Turner Classic Movies last week. Yasujiro Ozu, famed for "setting the camera low in the frame, like an unwanted guest" and sober observations of life in post-World-War-II Japan had a different outlook on life in the 1930'a. (Note: Turn on English subtitles in the menu to "see the dialog".) He also preferred to "stay silent" long after others had converted to the "talkies." The TCM presenter noted that this picaresque look at the working class poor was influenced by German films of the time. Yep, Sonny is a handful, trying his best to keep a nubile woman and his father apart.
  25. Otokichi

    "Far Away Home"

    For the approaching weekend, a love song with singers harmonizing about a lover...
  26. Otokichi

    VU Meters!

    (Somewhat) Bright, sparkly things attract Crows, Ravens, and "Techmoan." Our seeker of Tech has a basket full of electronic audio signal displays, two current Chinese units and a no-longer-made professional unit. Run through a set of test audio cassettes, it's easy to pick out the slipshod from the ho-hum. But what's that sound? "Moan family" puppets! More to come...
  27. ThomasHasBeard

    Rock List: The Fifty Best Songs Over Seven Minutes Long

    Has no one heard Thick As a Brick - Jethro Tull? It's bloody epic and is 22:40 long lol
  28. Carl

    True facts about Ducks

    I can understand why this is taught in schools.
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